Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Miss Piggy

Well, It's hard for me to believe that I haven't been focused on food so much these days, and that's a good thing....a step, I feel, in the right direction. My food is and has been pretty much on "auto-pilot". I think it's obvious that I eat basically the same foods everyday, and I totally blow it once a week! And although I haven't been posting my food journal, I do keep a hard copy because I believe, for me, of it's importance for my awareness and accountability. In fact I think it may be time to purchase a larger journal so I can start writing down some of my feeling/emotions around food/meals because the "food" part I have down.... it's the "other stuff" that still takes over.... let me rephrase that...that I still let take over.

My weight was exactly where I wanted it to be last week, 6/16-6/23. I had a mild high calorie day on Sat. (6/16), which was good for my head, and then ate well and enough to level out my weight over the week, and my BF averaged between 17-19%;

128.6 (Sat., high calorie day 2800?)
129.4 (Sun., 1580 cal.)
131.6 (Monday, 1420 cal.)
128.4 (Tues., 2450 cal.)
128.4 (Wed., 1750 cal.)
128.6 (Thurs., 1530 cal.
128.6 (Fri., 1620 cal.)
128.6 (Sat. 3500-4000 cal., high calorie day)

And then;

129.4 (Sun. 3500 cal. not supposed to be a high cal day!)
132.0 (Mon. 1700 cal.)
133.0 (Tues., 1570 cal., 19% BF)

133.0???? I think I've been scared straight! Oh, I can rationalize and make excuses for it...I've been lifting body needs more calories...the carbs are holding water....I'm constipated...etc. But the bottom line is I've been eating too much food! Food that my body doesn't need. I've been Little Miss Piggy lately, and I know it. And although my food is good quality nutritious food, my serving sizes have been too large. It's been time to redefine "Tracy size serving"!

It's time to "get my science on" and face reality. Eat less. It's not going to kill me to feel a little hungry. Feeling hungry and being hungry can be 2 different things. If I'm gaining weight, I'm eating calories that my body doesn't need!

So in relation to food, when I think about the word pig/piggy, my definition is one of hoarding...wanting it all....taking more than I need.....holding on. Could this be a metaphor for my life? Maybe. It's something to think about, something to reflect on. I know I need to emotionally "let go", in fact I wrote a post about that not too long ago, "letting go".

But for now, I'm in charge of changing things, it's my responsibility to do the right thing no matter what I feel. This is when my strength of willpower and discipline kick back in. Man, swinging kettlebells for 1 hour is way easier than having to deal with food/emotions for 24!

Life is good and I'm back on track.


Happiness Within said...

Great post. Maybe having your youngest graduate has raised new 'concerns' for you with "holding on".

I'm across the Dumbarton Bridge cheering you on.


Tracy Reifkind said...

Nice's all part of the biggest picture....Life.

Thank you

Franz Snideman said...

Miss Piggy? You're not dating Kermit the Frog are you?

Just kidding!

This whole training and diet stuff never is a linear thing, is it? Full up ups and downs and changes. But as long as you have some sort of self correcting guidance system to get you back on track, you'll be okay. And of course you system happens to be very functional and in good standing.

charley allen said...

A couple of client lunches and a blatant disregard for what is good for me has started me on the road to being the Great White Whale again. Nothing that a few lower calorie days won't fix. Nothing like a blip upwards to remind us what not to do, right?

Tracy Reifkind said...

Franz, The Kermit thing was funny, lol!

I never take for granted my success. Food can be a powerful drug, emotionally. Thanks goodness I like the challenge of manipulating my weight, it' ( oh no there's that word again!)

Tracy Reifkind said...

Charley, Two days of lower calories and I'm back feeling skinny again! It's amazing what eating less can do!

The Great White Whale and Miss Piggy, now there's a picture, lol.