Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Light/Medium Two KB swings.

Well, you can't go heavy and hard all the time! I never know exactly what my workout is going to be, but Wednesday is a clean press / squat day, and after my 10 min. 2 hand swing warm up I was going to go right into double swings w/12kg's but I deccided to start with the 8kg's to warm up my form for the 12kg's.

I changed my form for double swings to a wider stance for 2 reasons, first, to be able to fit the 2 bells between my legs easier, and second, I was going to use the wider stance for my clean/squat to try and get some meat on my butt! My legs respond quickly to squats but I really need an ass! So Mark suggested widening my stance. My inner thighs should be sore tomorrow.

Inspired by my snatch workout on Sat. when I used the 12kg, and then the 16kg, noticing how the combination of the 2 helped keep my form strong, after the 1st set of double swings w/8kg's I decided to keep that set as my first of 4 combination sets. It's still hard for me to double swings the 12kg's for 1 full min. so when I switched weights I shortened the set to 30 sec.

7:15am KB double swings, clean press, squats

Warm up

40 2 hand swings w/12kg, 1 min. on 1 min. rest x 5 sets - 10 min.

Work sets

40 double swings w/8kg's, 1 min. on

1 min rest
20 double swings w/12kg's 30 sec. on
30 sec. rest
14 double clean press w/12 kg's 1 min. on
1 min. rest
6 double clean squat w 12kg's, 30 sec. on
30 sec. rest

All 4 sets took 6 min. to complete x 8 rotations = 48 min.

Total workout 58 min.

I taped the video to show praticing form with a lighter weight first and then going to the heavier weight, it wasn't an actual set from my workout, but could be in the near future, maybe 20/20.

Wednesday AM weight 130.4
7:15am KB doubles


coffee w/cream 70 cal.
11:00 lg carrot w/PNB 100 cal.
1:30 cabbage slaw w/curry dresing and 5oz chicken 350 + 250 cal.
3:15 1 cup yogurt w/triscuts (4) 260 cal. & 2 prunes 40 cal.
5:45 chili pepper stew w ground beef 5oz. 400 cal.
Misc. 200 cal.

Total calories 1670

I switched a recent favorite, PNB on sprouted wheat bread w/raisins and alfalfa sprouts for a large carrot w/1tbl PNB, potentially yucky, but actually not bad! My salads are still enormous and same with my serving of stew/soup. But most foods are clean, healthy, organic and always prepared by me!

Life is good.


fawn said...

Way cool Tracy! I think double swings are my most disliked K'bell movement. I don't know why, but they are just torturous to me... I try to do them anyway in the hopes that one day double swings aren't the hated exercise. Plus, if I hate them... that usually means I NEED them.

I noticed you use a natural grip... I prefer a natural grip (thumbs forward) as well, but I know in Kettlebelland a pronated (palms facing back) grip is taught. Do you know what the difference is or if there is one?

karendenning said...

Hey, Tracy! Great workout -- I need to do double swings more often, too.

BTW, I got some booty I'll kindly let you have! Needing to add to that area will never be my challenge!

I've been folowing your blog pretty closely since having the pleasure of working with you at the RKC. It's amazing to see how similiar we women are about our bodies and the struggles we have trying to find that place where we feel "content." I was so happy to see that you are ok with settling in at a bit heavier weight because you want to be strong; you WANT the muscle. I am in the same situation. I am a good 5 or 6 lbs heavier than I was last fall, but I KNOW (I can SEE) that I've added a lot of muscle mass. It's just always tough not to watch that scale.

Keep these inspirational workouts coming -- I model many of my practices on your creative work.

Take care,

leslie said...

There is SO MUCH I learn from what you write and so much I could comment on, but rarely have the time to put thoughts down.

The most important question for today is this: where do you get most of your recipes? I tend to go with healthy food assembly, such as big salads, or healthy processed (is that an oxymoron?) foods, like organic burritos from Costco. I'm looking for some cooking inspiration as I continue to try to feed my family around our crazy schedules. Any help very appreciated!!!

Franz Snideman said...

Nice Job Tracy! Yoana and I missed you at the RKC last weekend :(

Although we really did enjoy meeting your husband. He rocks!

Aaron Friday said...

Karen, booty is a good thing.


Tracy Reifkind said...

Fawn, I did double snatches today, just playing around at Girya, so I think I'll add them int Saturday's workout.

I think we're about the same height (?) it might be the length of our legs, they make fitting 2 bells a pain through in the ass.

As far as my grip, it naturally goes thumbs forward, I tried it the other way...not happenin'

Aaron, booty is a good thing...that's why I want one! They haven't perfected the butt implant thing yet, so wide squats will have to do.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Karen, you've got a great booty!

I realized something that makes it easier to chose muscle over thinness, I just looked around!

Not may women out there with muscle....skinny, yes....but muscle, no! I think it's easier to starve yourself skinny, than train hard enough to build serious muscle. (not that I have serious muscle...yet!)

Tracy Reifkind said...

Leslie, As you know I could go on and on about food. But I'll be writing a post soon about how I create a recipe, it's alot like my KB taining (go figure!).

Two important points I'll be making are, first, planning and preparation, second is repetition.

And i do think "processed health foods" is an oxymoron. For the life of me I can't imagine buying burritos when I can spend a little time myself and make extra to freeze, and completely control the ingredients. Especially because I could add in things (vegetables) the would increase the nutritional value immensely. At the very least I would make burrito filling, freeze it, defrost it and then wrap it in a tortilla and heat it up! How hard is that? PRE-PLAN!

In fact the inside of a burrito is just protein, (chiken, beef, pork, beans, even fish!) and veggies, (salad!), You can wrap it in a tortills and make a burrito, or you can just throw the "insides" in a bowl and toss it with some dressing and you have salad. You can use the "dressing" as sauce in the burritos.

Season the protein with mexican type spices, chili powder, cumin, oregano, garlic, S&P, etc. (you can season by using a "rub" method before cooking or adding to it after it cooked)and make a dressing with lime juice, yogurt, honey ( a little sweet to balance out the tart in the lime) garlic, a little olive oil, maybe some avocado or mexican cheese like queso fresco, etc..

Preparation and pratice! You have to cook regulary for it to become habit, I NEVER eat out. But if I have to, I NEVER want to!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Franz, Thank you,a and I hear congratulations are in order! A mini Franz/Yoana!

I should take some road trips this summer, in fact I'm going down south next weekend. I would love to meet you guys.

Christine said...

You have some stamina, sheesh!