Friday, June 29, 2007

Thurs. Squat / Clean Press / 16kg / 2 min. sets

We have video, but for some reason it's not uploading...hope to have it soon. Update; Mark had to edit this down, so it only 1/3 of the actual set.

My schedule went crazy and I ended up doing my workout at 4:30pm! My food (schedule) was all over the map because of it, but mentally, I had to force myself to just go out there (the gym) and start swinging. As soon as the blood starts pumping through my muscles after the very first set, I know it'll be fine, the workout pulls me along.

4:30pm KB

Warm up

40 2 hand swings w/12kg 1 min. on 1 min. rest, x 5 sets = 10 min.

Work sets w/16kg

10 clean, press, 2 hnd trans., squat, repeat, (5 each side), 2 min, on
1 min. rest

x 10 sets = 30-35 min.

These sets actually took a little longer than 2 min., about 10-20 sec. longer, depending on how long I held the squat at the bottom.

10 double clean/push press w/12kg's, 45 sec. on
45 sec rest

x 4 sets = 6 min.

I had planned on 5 sets total, but I didn't have any more in me! I didn't want to push my training too far, I can't afford to be stupid and risk any kind of injury. My KB workouts are too important.

Total workout 50-55 min.

Thursday AM weight 130.0
6:30 am Bikram yoga
4:30 KB


coffee/cream 70 cal.
10:15 oats/yogurt 370 cal.
1:15 mint candies (100 cal.), apple/almonds, 140 cal.
2:30 PNB, raisins, carrots / celery 350 cal.
4:15 triscuts (6) 120 cal. + Met-Rx 100 bar, 360 cal.
6:30 chicken salad w/mayo/curry dressing 400 cal.

Total calories 1910

Wow! I didn't realize my calories were so high! But my servings were smaller (slightly, about 30 %) and my workouts were tough.

I can't believe I ate a Met-Rx bar, I consider those one step up from candy, but at 4:15pm I was facing my KB workout and needed something for fuel. I hadn't eaten a "real meal", like a salad or veg soup, up to then because I didn't want to be digesting veggies before my workout. Mark brought home a whole box of these bars from his trip this past weekend, so since I've crossed the line and ate one, it'll be tough resisting the rest, they're chocolate chip cookie dough flavor! How can that be good????

It's Friday, I get to go to Santa Cruz this morning. I'll start out with a walk/jog along the beach for about 1 hour, and then end up swinging with a client in Scotts Valley, then off to work for the rest of the day.

Life is good.


Christine said...

I wished you'd started blogging at the start of your training, it would be really cool to see the evolution not just of your body, but of your workouts, too! Regardless, I love seeing what you do each week!

Royce said...

Crazy cool fun. You're very imaginative with your complexes. It impresses be because when I winded I start loosing track of what should go after what.

Oh yeah RE: the jogging an hour in the sand.
HOLY HELL, do you realize how hard that actually is for most people??

Testament to the KB huh??

charley allen said...

Tracy, Tom Healy (from your April RKC team) and I were talking about you last night after doing a couple of timed sets that would be a warm-up for you. After looking at this and reading about Monday's swingfest, I am speechless.

Am I correct in that you've gotten to this level with 18 months of consistent practice?


Tracy Reifkind said...

Christine, Yeah, I wish I had more than my memory, but I could of never guessed this would turn out like it has. Hopefully there's alot more to come still.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Royce, Who came up with the word "complexes"? And how long has it been being used? For some reason I don't like it!

I do "combinations", they're MY thing, that's what I call them, that's how I train and have always trained.

I'm not meaning to come off as a bitch or anything, I just don't want anyone to think that I've copied anyone else. Not that it matters I guess.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Charley, That would be correct! Actually. I've just past my 2 year anniversary swinging. I started swinging in May/June 2005 at a strting body weight of around 190/200lbs.

My workouts were only about 15-20 min. long in the beginning (until around Aug.) when I started to see the amazing results (of good dieting & KB's) and then increased my workouts to 30-40 min.

I went to the April RKC cert in 2006 and when I came back I started 50-60 minute timed sets. I had not done "timed sets" before that point. I fell in love with them! They suited my style of combination training beautifully.

I'll stop by Tom's blog and say Hi! I didn't spend much time with him, he was already an extremely capable athlete, and also, the men at the cert don't always take to being coached by a middle aged woman!

charley allen said...

You'd be an excellent coach. Hell, since you lost 100-120 lbs of body weight in 12-18 months with diet and exercise only, I'd give you my full attention. In fact, next time I am in the Bay Area (which is sometimes 3x a year and sometimes 1x every 3 years), I am going to invest in an hour with you and an hour with Mark.

Royce said...

Sorry Tracy. "complexes" is just a weightlifting term meaning several excersizes in a row with the same weight. So put a light weight on the bar do as many clean and presses to overhead squat to snatch as you can. It's a completely generic term, it doesn't have a referance to any one person and can be done with any implement.

So I'll rephrase:

Crazy cool fun. You're very imaginative with your combinations. It impresses be because when I winded I start loosing track of what should go after what.

Oh yeah RE: the jogging an hour in the sand.
HOLY HELL, do you realize how hard that actually is for most people??

Testament to the KB huh??

Tracy Reifkind said...

Charley, That's a huge compliment , thanks!

Sometimes I think that what I've done is no big deal, but it really is a big deal! Thanks for recognizing it too!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Royce, I told you I didn't mean to get bitchy! I don't care what you call it, the word just has kept coming up lately.

As far as running on the beach, I would love to let you think I run in the sand, but I don't! I run near the water, where the sand is wet and compressed, I do however walk in the sand.

I swear my veins have popped out in my calves since "beach workouts" so I'm not sure it's such a good thing! I really want to swing on the beach, in the sand!

Royce said...

Ah, yeah Tracy most people ( mostly guys ) who read strength sport articles or study strength sports or are into KBs or anything refer to many movemnts strung together to then repeated a complex. It literally means a "complex series of movements".

I wasn't at all trying to downplay your originality, in fact I was, and am, very impressed by it.

Anonymous said...

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