Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eat Less / Lose Weight (who would've guessed?)

It's amazing what happens when you eat less, you lose weight!

Monday AM weight 132.0
11:45am KB 2127 swings/1hour/w12kg
Calories 1700

Tuesday AM weight 133.0
6:30am Bikram yoga
10:30am KB 2 hand swings w/16kg, 20kg 35 min.
Calories 1510 (lots of water too)

Wednesday AM weight 131.2
6:30am 1 hour walk
Calories 1630

Menu (Wed.)

coffee w/cream 70 cal.
10:30 carrot/celery PNB 200 cal.
11:30 oats/yogurt 370 cal.
2:30 broc salad w/raisins, tuna, homemade mayo 540 cal. (smaller than normal portion)
4:00 1/2 apple 50 cal.
5:30 chili pepper stew w/beef (6oz.) 450 cal. (smaller than normal portion)

My work day was 9am-9pm, I went to bed a little hungry (feeling), and guess what? It didn't kill me! Woke up this morning feeling slim and trim 130.0....yessss

I'm concentrating more on eating more fats, still trying to keep the carbs low (but not nonexistant!). I'm using more oil (fat) in my salads and enjoying the PNB in moderation, also more full fat yogurt.

Skirt steak is one of my favorite cuts of beef, it's nice and fatty, therefore flavorful. I made a quick spicy rub w/

2t. salt
1/2 t. pepper
1t. dried basil
1t. dried thyme
1/4t. cayenne

I rubbed into 1 1/2 lbs skirt steak cut into 6 inch pieces and left out to come to room temp 1-2 hours. Broiled for 5 min each side, let rest and cut on diagonal across grain, into thin strips. (this can be grilled on BBQ for the same amount of time, 5 min. each side)


Charley Allen said...

Have you noticed how sensitive your body is to certain foods or eating patterns? I am learning as I get leaner that I am incredibly sensitive to starchy foods, including beer. There is a set point on starchy carbs that if I pass, it's good for 2-3 lbs in a night. It is (mainly) water weight, but still, it's mentally frustrating.

I am looking forward to getting to where I am on maintenance mode.

Tracy said...

This type of information is exactly what I've learned through journaling. I love it! It helps me make choices about how I want my body to feel.

Bread, pasta, crackers, brown rice, problem, potatoes, yams, cookies, big problem.

Even knowing which raw veggies digest easier helps when trying to "cleanse". Raw spinach and cabbage based salads work much better than the broccoli.

We are all different, that's why I encourage people to find out what's best for them, not so much what I eat.

Royce said...

Yeah Tracy carrots and corn for me. If I eat them they "bloat" me. All the grains treat me poorly, and alas, barley worst of all.
I can CHOW on red cabbage ( wich I love ) spinach, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, broccoli or artichokes and still wake up feeling light. i'm really sensiyive to sodium to I droped bacon from the diet :-( and went from 275 to 268 in 3 days with the same calorie intake. Great post, mindfull living is very cool.

Iron Tamer said...

What was you starting weight when it all came together?

I have a couple of ladies who are very interested and inspired by you.

Tracy said...

Royce, Since cooking is my hobby, I "season" (S&P) everything and just recently starting cutting way back on the salt, not that I use too much, I just want to start experiencing less, so I'm weaning the salt.

You have to use, some, salt and pepper do bring out the natural flavors of food, so I never want to completely cut them out.

Tracy said...

Dave, My starting weight was 245. I know I have weighed more at one point, maybe 260, but I had not stepped on the scale until that point (Jan. 2005).

THE most remarkable thing about my weight loss, I think, isn't the number on the scale though, it's the composition of my body. My low bodyfat and muscular development is the real miracle!

Aaron Friday said...

Tracy, I'm sure you were a wonderful person before, even with a body you decided was too large.

The real miracle is that you envisioned an even better way to be, and then made it real, which made you happy and therefore more wonderful.

Christine Petty said...

bagel=water sponge. You are totally right on that. :)

Tracy said...

Aaron, Yea, I was just as big a B!#@% then as I am now! The real miracle is that Mark's put up with me for 20 years.

Kidding aside, (I am a b!#@% though), I do feel as if a miracle has happened to me, and I've never experienced continuous happiness more in my life as I do every day now, the best is yet to come.

Tracy said...

Christine, This made me laugh, remember "the sponge" lol, it does look like a bagel, doesn't it?

Christine Petty said...

Ya know, I may never eat a bagel again. *yech*