Wednesday, February 28, 2007

440 Snatches

I was looking forward to Monday mornings snatch workout, I knew I felt strong. Here's what I did;

7:30 KB Snatches

Warm up w/26

40 2 hand swings 1 min. on, 1 min. rest x 3 sets = 6 min.
40 transfers, 1 min on, 1 min. rest x 3 sets = 6 min.

Total warm up 12 min.

Snatch sets w/26

24 snatch, transfers (12 L, 12 R) 1.5 min on, 1 min. rest

10 snatch L, trans, 10 snatch R, trans, repeat (40 snatch total) 1.5 min. on 1 min. rest

12 snach L, trans, 12 snatch R, trans, 1 min. on, 1 min. rest (24 total snatch)

I alternated these three sets in this order x 5. All three sets, in succession, took 7.0 complete, x 5 rotations = 35 min. Set #1, 24 snatches x 5 sets = 120 Set #2, 40 snatches x 5 sets = 200 Set #3 24 snatches x 5 sets = 120 440 snatches in 35 min..

I ended with a repeat of set #1 shortening it to 1 min. = 9 snatch, trans. each side (18 total)x 2 sets, bringing up my snatch total to 476 in 38 min..

I spent about 15-20 min. doing some shoulder re-hab exercises Mark showed me. Stick presses emphasizing the shrug at the top and then pulling my shoulder baldes back and down (see pics) was one of the exercises. I've got to get this shoulder healthy! I've also been going to Bikram yoga more often to open up my chest and get a good stretch in my shoulder.

Monday AM weight 128.6
7:30am KB
5:15 Bikram yoga

Menu (low-calorie day)

coffee w/cream 90 cal.
small apple 80 cal.
oatmeal w/milk 185 cal. (1/2 c. dry oats, 2 cups water, 1/4 c. 2%)
coffee w/cream 45 cal.
small apple 80 cal.
2 green olives 50 cal.
chili pepper soup w/squash and 3oz. chicken 300 cal.
2 triscuts w/guacamole 130 cal.
stew 100 cal.

Total 1060

I made some beef stew w/buffalo meat and I had to taste it for seasoning, so I didn't have it as a "meal", but I had a good taste!

Tuesday AM weight 127.8
11:30am 40 min. walk
7:00pm Bikram yoga


coffee w/cream 90 cal.
buffalo stew w/sauteed red and green cabbage 350 cal.
prunes and almonds 200 cal.
brown sugar candy (piloncillo) 380 cal.! (wow I really blew it on this one)
grapes 240 cal.
Super big broccoli salad w/tuna 520 cal.

Total calories 1700

I walked down to the Mexican Market (about 8 blocks there, 8 blocks back) to pick up some ingredients for my chili pepper soup (tomatillos and black beans) and bought some unrefined sugar candy called piloncilla. It looks like hard cones of brown sugar. It's actually used in place of sugar, but some people (like me) like to eat it as candy.

I've been craving the brown sugar candy from the Vietnamese Market for about 3 weeks now, but I resisted. And as Mark says, "What you resist, persists!". So I bought some and ate it on the way home. I justified it by using the "walk" as compensation for the calories.

I had no idea just how many calories I consumed until I got home and started to research it on the computer for my food journal. Piloncilla has the same calories as pure sugar (because that's what it is, duh!), so I thought I was eating maybe 100-150 cal.. When in fact it was almost 400 cal.! I think I've changed my mind about how much I like it, totally not worth it! I did get an incredible buzz though!

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