Saturday, February 3, 2007

Snatch transfers

I'm still nursing my shoulder. I wanted to stay away from any presses or heavy 2 handed swings. By the time I started my KB's (11:30) I had already been on a walk and went to a yoga class. I decided to do 2 min. sets in a steady rhythmic pace with easy movements but long. Here's what I did:

11:30 KB swing, snatch, neg press, trans.

Warm up

40 2 hand swings 1 min on 1 min rest x 3 sets
10 L, 10 R, repeat 1 hand swings (40 reps total) 1 min on 1 min rest x 3 sets
Total warm up 12 min.

Work sets

1 swing L, 1 trans, 1 swing R, 1 trans, 1 snatch L, neg press, 1 trans, 1 snatch R neg press, 1 trans, repeat 8 x = 2 min. on 1 min rest

1 snatch, neg press L, trans, 1 snatch, neg press R, trans, repeat 12 x = 2 min on 1 min rest

I alternated these 2 sets 3 times each = 18 min.

My shoulder was feeling decent so I decided to make it a little harder and get my heartrate up:

5 snatch L, 5 snatch R, repeat = 1 min on 1 min rest (10 snatches each side w/4 trans) x 5 sets = 10 min.

I then repeated sets #1 & #2 three times each (again) 18 min.
Total WO 58 min.
The video shows part of set #1 combo, then part of set #2 combo.


Royce said...

Hey I have an 18lb KB on order for Barb. We will see whee this leads!!

Tracy said...

I still would love to see her try Bikram yoga, ideally both thigs work well together.
When it comes let me know I would love to help you work out a beginning routine for her.

Royce said...

Cool, I'll let you know.