Saturday, February 17, 2007

Deep Swings

I had a great workout Friday morning. Since abandoning my WO the previous afternoon I realized that the best time for me to train is first thing in the morning. I had been trying to go to yoga first, to get that out of the way, but my energy is best spent on what's really important which is my KB workout. I'll try evening yoga classes this next week.

I was reminded of a deep swinging style after reading Geoff Neuperts blog where he describes VHS style (very hard style). I have played around with combinations of alternating shallow/deep swing reps before. Going deep is obviously harder, but I hadn't realized just how efficient I had gotten at my shallow style of swinging.

I added a 1 min. set of deep swings w/26 to my press combos today (10 L, 10 R, 10 L, 10 R) and it surprised me by how hard it was! One min. was enough! Just to compare, I have no trouble swinging shallow (short stroke w/26) for 3 min.. I have also swung for 10 min. straight (w/26) before for multiple sets!

7:30am KB Presses and swings

Warm up

40 2 hand swings w/26, 1 min. on, 1 min. rest x 3 sets = 6 min.
40 transfers w/26, 1 min. on 1 min. rest x 3 sets = 6 min.
Total warm up 12 min.

Work sets w/26

12 L, 12 R, clean, press, transfer, 2 min. on 1 min. rest

8 clean press L, 8 clean press R, 1 min. on 1 min. rest

10/10, 10 /10, deep 1 hand swings 1 min. on 1 min. rest

I alternated these 3 sets 5 x. All three sets took 7 min. to complete including rest period x 5 = 35 min., total.

2 sets of bottoms up cleans 40 reps (10 L,10R,10 L,10R) 2 min. on 1 min. rest = 5 min.

Total WO 52 min.

I concentrated on my form while pressing. I'm trying to get away from "push pressing" the 26 so I can get stronger to press the 36. I felt strong and actually felt stronger near the last sets!

AM weight 127.8


4:30-9:30 coffee w/cream, cocoa180 cal.
11:20 grapes 130 cal. (80z.)
11:30 small broccoli/egg salad 220 cal.
3:00 large broccoli/egg salad w/more grapes 400 cal./260 cal.
6:30 chili pepper soup w/kale, squash and chicken (3oz.) 310 cal.

Total cal. 1645

I made an extra large salad and divided it 1/3-2/3 to split it up into 2 meals. Went a little crazy on green grapes today, still wanting to overeat.

Friday was a good day.
1:00 prune/PNB (4) 145 cal.

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