Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Me and my Jeans

I've been asked a few times why I do my training in my jeans. It started at the beginning of my weight loss.

I didn't want to spend another dime on clothes and at the time I owned very little clothing. Finding clothes in those sizes that make you feel good are few and far between, not to mention expensive. It's really not the clothes that you don't feel good in, it's your own body! Anyway, I had told myself that I wasn't going to buy anything new until the old clothes were literally falling off of me! So I had to do all my exercising in my jeans, I owned 2 pairs.

I also only had one pair of tennis shoes that had seen better days. Everyday I went out for my walk in my jeans and old tennis shoes. It wasn't about looking cute (or trying to) it was about getting the job done.

I didn't buy a new pair of pants until the first 45 lb. weight loss. The funny thing was I hadn't realized how tight my size 22/24 jeans were until I lost about 20 lbs., and that's when they fit so much better! When I finally bought some new clothes I was in a size 14/16. And I wore those clothes until they were literally falling off of me! The next size for me was 10 and then 6.

I remember going to the mall wearing a size 10. I felt like I fit in for the first time. I felt invisible in a different way. Like I didn't stick out. When you're fat, you feel invisible in another way. Like no one cares about you, you're not important, you're dismissed.

Anyway, the jeans thing just stuck. My training and exercise has never been about wearing the latest "work out gear", and it wasn't about a fancy gym. In fact I purposely tape the videos for my blog "as I am". Most of the time I barely get my teeth brushed much less blow dry my hair or put on make-up. That's the same reason most of them (99%) also are taped in our garage gym.

Get the job done! Doesn't matter what you wear or where you are, all you need is your kettlebell.


Royce said...

I COMPLETELY understand. My workout clothes are getting too loose but I refuse to buy new clothes yet.

By the way my old karate instructor made us spar in streetclothes sometimes because as he said. "If you can only do it in a toe balk ( uniform ) then what I teach you us useless."

Tracy said...

Aren't loose clothes great! I still prefer to wear loose clothing.

The same is true about my kitchen. I don't need a fancy remodel, really great food comes out of my small, old kitchen! I never want to get used to a "proffessional range" because I want to be able to cook on anything, anywhere.

Sara Cheatham M.S., RKC said...

This is a really cute blog Tracy...I wondered why you trained in jeans when I first watched your vids. But thought, "hey it works for her," and it's like you said it "gets the job done."

I used to be a supervisor at GAP back in college, so I owned (and STILL own) more jeans than it really makes sense...So I'm feelin your love for jeans. But I have always had a million pair of sweats and WO pants. When I'm out and about, (I never actullly 'go out' to buy new clothes anymore), I'm always looking for some good kettlebellin' pants.

I was at Target with one of my girlfriedns last weekend (she wanted to go) and she picked up a pair of pants. I said, "yeah they're cute, but can you swing a kettlbell in them?" haha. And I always test a potential new-pant- buy with a "butt-to-heels" squat in the dresssing room....I think I've been brainwahsed! ;)

You're right that luck is all perspective...but I do have to say I had a pretty lucky day a few months ago when I found 60 bucks in my driveway! for real. I couldn't belive it either.

Tracy said...

Sixty bucks! I'm waiting for that one!

I hate buying "work out clothes". It just seems so pretentious to walk around outside of the WO wearing them. Thank goodness alot of denim has Lycra in it! But I still love my vintage 501's that I get at the Flea Market and on Ebay.

Tom Shook, RKC said...

Great blog post Tracy. It made me think of my dad, a longshoreman, who only wore jeans and only owned one pair of shoes (steel toed boondockers) he used to lift weights in his boots, jeans and a "wife-beater". My old man was a total red-neck (I say that with affection) but he was a strong mofo!
Good on ya! Keep training in your jeans. Maybe get some overalls for a little variety!

Tracy said...

Tom. Overalls? I don't think so, but the "wife beater" and boots I'll have to try!