Monday, February 26, 2007

No More to Lose

I feel so much better this morning! In fact I feel great! I guess I just needed to get all of that off of my chest.

Anyway, I didn't get much nutrition yesterday, so today, like last week, I'm going to focus on no sugar today. There it is again, my extreme thinking! Let me rephrase that, little sugar today. I've got some good foods to nourish myself with today, and I feel like I deserve it. Yes, I deserve it. That's how I feel!

All of this has lead me to the point of a re-organization of my foods. The dam has broken, and now I rebuild. I'm already thinking of new strategies to even out (balance) my nutrition, therefore evening out emotions, and therefore really settling into maintenance.

Maintenance. That's fianlly where I am. No more to lose.

Just admitting that makes me emotional. It's been a long, hard road. But I did it! I worked my ass off. I faced the truth, took resposibility, changed it, and I won.

I never take it for granted though. I can't. I'll always "fight the fight". But I'm strong. I'm smart. And I have a damn good life!


Royce said...

HELL YEAH, reading this gets me all fired up.
I can't wait till I get to that "no more to loose" stage.

By the way 8-10 hours of school a day + a vending machine is a damn bad combo :-)

I need to start taking EVERY bit of food for the day to school!!

Catherine Imes said...

Congrats on getting to this point Tracy.


Tracy said...

Royce, You're better than a vending machine!

Everyday I pass a Weinersnitzel hot dog place and I look at the poor bastards that can't even throw a sandwich together for themselves! How hard could it be?

Get your ass up 5 minutes early and put together some lunch, make sure there's an apple (or 2) in it!

Tracy said...

Cate, Thanks for your comment. I've been at this point for a while, it just took me until now to comes to terms with it.

So long my focus has been on losing, keep losing. When is it enough?

I guess, like anything you work hard for, you always want more. Lose more , lift more, run farther, etc..

Royce said...

I agree, 5 minutes earlier is all it takes. And for some reason if I just can't seem to do it ( wich I can ) THERE IS A FREAKIN' GROCERY STORE NEXT DOOR. no excuses.

Anonymous said...

That's a good point to remember Tracy- “when is it enough?” For some reason, the way you've expressed that message really hits home with me right now. Thanks :-)

Tracy said...

Hey Royce, while you're at it make a good lunch for your woman to take with her to work too!

Don't be a vending machine loser!

Isn't it funny when we hear ourselves say "can't" it forces us to take responsiblity? It really defines "can't" and "won't".

Tracy said...

Hazel, I've surpassed my weight loss goals. I found myself secretly hoping to lose even more thinking it would make me "better than" or "worthy of".

Lots of different feelings that I'm still trying to sort out. I'm sure I'll be sharing those in future posts!

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

life is good, Tracy. and you definitely reaped the benefit of prioritizing, discipline and regiment. Well done!

Tracy said...

Pete, thanks for always taking the time to be positive and supportive, Tracy