Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Unexpected

I was at my yoga studio the other day talking with a woman familiar with my story of weight loss and kettlebells. She was complimenting me on my success and mentioned it another woman there. This other woman was amazed to hear that I used to weigh 250 lbs. and she asked me an interesting question. She asked me "What was the most surprising thing about losing that much weight?". I found this question a little confusing and I had to think about it. Hmmm. Was I surprised by anything? My answer was, "I wasn't expecting to be so healthy".

Now that I put some more thought into that question, some of the most amazing things about this weight loss journey for me were the unexpected. I was expecting to lose weight and be a smaller, thinner person, but becoming healthy, becoming fit and naturally changing my lifestyle, I wasn't expecting to have those things happen to me.

I just wanted to continue to eat alot of food! And, as I've mentioned before, eating vegetables allowed me to do that. Eating vegetables changed how I feel from the inside out both physically and mentally. Not only does my body feel good, but when I'm standing at the checkout counter and my cart is loaded with 90% fresh food, and then I look around me and see most other people with their pre-packaged, over-processed, over-flavored, over-salted dead food, it makes me feel smart, confident, and in control.

And then, enter the kettlebell. I remember thinking that my "tank top days" were over! That's why they make clothes with sleeves! I knew having "toned arms" at my age and having been so overweight was asking for too much, and I was fine with that (part of taking responsibility for screwing up for so long!). I'm still shocked at the tone and definition I have in my arms! When I see other people killing themselves by trying to jog, or spending hours on cardio equipment, I can't help but think "you need to swing kettlebells!"

Fresh food and kettlebell training are permanent changes to my life. How much I eat, or how much I train may change, but those things have to be part of my life, for the rest of my life. That's a true lifestyle change!


Royce said...

Calves and arms you definately got.
Shorts and tank tops it is for you!!
Yeah almost every plate of food I eat contains veggies or fruit now.
( although I had pasta and chicken last night, tasted SO GOOD ).
I do feel a hell of a lot better, I know this sounds all mtero-sexualish but I can't wait untill the clothes at Buckle fit me!!

PS tell Rif for some reason I can't comment on his blog, I really liked the school of strength post.
I have read and re-read the article on the scapula, and have started ending my sets with some overhead shrugs and pushups.

Darwin said...

I would like to start kettlebelling, but there are no classes near me. Do you think it's possible to learn the practice just by watching a DVD or reading a book? If so, are there any DVDs you recommend? I'm 34, female, and haven't lifted weights before.

Tracy said...

Thanks Royce, but shorts, above the knees, unfortunaley are a thing of the past!

Mark says "cool"

Tracy said...


Enter the Kettlebell book and DVD is basically the manuel for the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified). That's probably the starting point.

Also, it might be a good investment to hire a RKcertified trainer for a couple of sessions. Look on Dragon Door for referrals in your area.

Where are you located? And do you consider yourself naturally athletic? Do you have any injuries?

Darwin said...

Not naturally athletic, but I've never injured myself. I just found Dragon Door so I will go ahead with hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

Tracy said...


I'm assuming that you're interested in general fitness, so concentrate mainly on the swing and it's variations.

The two hand swing, the one hand swing, both left hand and right hand. The transfer (from left to right and back agin).

Don't learn anything else until you have practiced the swing basics. Once you have these down then go back to the trainer and learn cleans, presses and snatches.

Please let me know how things go, Tracy