Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back to the Beginning

Somehow I got behind in my KB training this week so I'm going to swing the 36 this morning for another short WO. I'll do basically the same as Monday's WO but with the heavier weight I'll modify it slightly.

I taped a video "counting off 5's" w/26. I'll do this set w/36 and combine it with other 1.5 min. sets. It's nice to go back to beginning routines keeping things simple. It still amazes me how you can get so many different routines just with 3 basic swing moves, the 2 hand swing, 1 hand swing and transfers.

Tuesday AM weight 128.4 (4:30am)
Mid morning weight 126.6 17.2% bodyfat (11:30)
6:30am uphill hike w/friend (35 min. up, 25 min. down) 1 hour
7:00pm Bikram yoga heat and humidity, yeah!


4:30-9:30 coffee w/cream 110 cal.
10:30 yogurt shake w/coffee, cocoa, plain full fat yogurt 280 cal.
11:00 almond butter 120 cal.
1:45 8oz grilled salmon 400 cal.
2:00 chili pepper soup w/kale, chicken (3oz.) and black beans 300 cal.
5:30 apple 120 cal., dates 80 cal., prunes w/PNB 90 cal.

Total cal. 1500

I felt great today and I wanted to add that motivation and inspiration is a 2-way street. Thanks to everyone for their positive comments and support.

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