Thursday, March 29, 2007

30 sec. Sets

Wednesday 7:00am KB

40 2 hand swings w/26 x 3 sets = 6 min. warm up

#1 30 sec. 2 hand swings w/36 (20 reps)
30 sec. rest
#2 30 sec. transfers w/36 (20 reps)
30 sec. rest
#3 30 sec. 2 hand swings w/44 (20 reps)
30 sec rest

Total time for all the sets = 3 min. I rotated these 3 sets forward and backward 10 times (1,2,3, 3,2,1, 1,2,3, 3,2,1, etc.), total time 30 min.

Total workout 36 min.

Wednesday's I actually have to work, and it's a full day usually 9am to 8pm. With no car, I couldn't go to yoga (6:30am), besides a 36 min KB workout is better in alot of ways, but I've got to get to yoga on Thurs.!

Wed. am weight 127.8
KB 36 min.


coffee w/cream 60 cal.
1:00 steel cut oats w/ milk 185 cal.
3:00 broccoli, carrot, red cabbage and green grape salad w/low calorie dressing 400 cal.
tuna w/ mayo 210 cal.
5:30 spaghetti soup w/onions, red peppers, kale and turkey chorizo 500 cal.
2 carmel flavored tootsie pops 120 cal. ( I think they're 60 cal. ea.)

Total calories 1475

I ate a little much on Tues. especially after a high calorie day (Mon.) so I tightened it up on Wed.. I'v consciously tried to remove the morning cocoa from my diet and so far so good. I can allow it, I just don't want to rely on caffeine shot with sugar on a regular basis!

I use a low calorie dressing on my broccoli salad that I don't make myself, because I really like the flavor (it's sweet). I've poured over cookbooks looking to replicate this in my own kitchen, but so far no luck. Low cal dressing are thickened with cornstarch and probably "cooked" first, kind of like making a sauce with roux. I have found several recipes for "cooked" salad dressings (mostly from cookbooks published in the 50's and 60's, a way maybe for housewives to economize) offering similar ingredients like the ones listed on the store bought version, but not quite. I'll keep trying, I'd much rather make my own.


Teresa said...

Tracy, I've been mixing some chocolate protein powder into my morning coffee. Not quite a mocha, but it's got sweetness (I think my protein powder is sweetened with sucralose) plus it turns out to be very filling.

As for salad dressing, have you tried adding a touch of a good maple syrup? I do that with store-bought balsamic vinaigrette. I just eyeball it but I'd guess maybe 1/2 tsp of maple syrup to 2 Tbsp of dressing. It adds just enough sweetness to cut the acidity of the vinegar.

leslie said...

If you find a good recipe, please be sure to share, ok?

It delights me that you eat Tootsie Pops! My secret indulgence is Sweet Tarts -- YUM!

Tracy said...

teresa, I'm wanting to get away from the sugar in the morning, period. I used to mix chocolate protein powder in my plain yogurt and I liked that (10 years ago last time I was thin!).

Also I try to stay away from fake sugars as much as I can. I looked at the ingredients in my toostie pop last night and it had not only sugar, but corn syrup and another fake sugar, Oh well.

I make all of my own dressings, except this one (for broc salad), and I'm not sure I would like the maple/balsamic flavor with this particular salad, but I'm sure others reading this will be appreciative of this suggestion!

Maple syrup is an excellent option for flavor, I usually turn to honey.

Tracy said...

Leslie, After I posted I thought , gee, I should research for a recipe on the internet! I could probably just google "recipes for low calorie dressings", duh!

My favorite sweet treat these days are my chocolate suckers, from See's Candy. 70 cal., I know, corn syrup, but we all do what we can and pick and chose what we can live with!

Jesse Correa said...

haha what did you expect from a tootsie pop. its not like those things are natural and grow on trees! lol/

Tracy said...

Jesse, WHAT??? There's no toostie pop tree?