Saturday, March 10, 2007

Simple but not Easy

"It's simple, but it ain't easy." That is probably one of the most used and most meaningful phrases used around our house. And it applies to training and dieting perfectly! It's a phrase that Mark started using to describe his appoarch to training, especially with his personal training clients. The phrase was used to emphasize taking a simple approach but do it consistently, and that's not easy!

For instance, you want to lose weight, you need to eat less, but why don't people do it ? Because it's hard! It's simple but it's not easy. You want to get stronger, you need lift heavier weights, consistantly, simple, but not easy.

This phrase has never been more applicable to my life than this last year.

Last April I went to Minnesota and earned my certification to teach KB's. My motivation was to share this miracle with anyone willing to learn to really change their bodies, therefore possibly their lives, like I had. But to my surprise, as of this very moment, out of the dozens or so people that I've shared this with no one is still swinging KB's!

And these are people that claimed they were motivated. They claimed they were ready. They witnessed my own transformation. So what happened?

I think almost everyone has the same reactions when first learning to swing. First thing said, "Wow, this is more difficult than I thought!" and " Wow, this really gets your heart going!". What happens after that depends on the person. Most get frustrated because they realize that although it "looks" easy, it's really hard work! The real problem is not driving to the gym, it's having to confront their own laziness or lack of will power and discipline. And that comes down to motivation and the answer to that question is worth a million dollars! How to find it (motivation) when you don't have it. And not only do you have to find motivation you have to keep it!

But what it comes down to , for me, is still the miracle of KB's. Yes, it's hard and it actually works, but you have to actually do it! Most of the time my own motivation gets me through and energizes my workouts, but there's plenty of times when I don't want to do it. But what's the alternative? It's just (for me) and hour of my day, three days a week (minimum). Nothing that I've ever witnessed and experienced for myself has done what KB's have done!

The answers are there, and they're simple, swing the freakin' bell!


Joefitness said...

You are a true inspiration! Continued Success Tracy!

Royce said...

Amen! I actually get a little apprehensive right before a set.
Especialy on heavy days, but then i sez to self "Self, don't be a sissy." and it's all good.