Saturday, March 24, 2007

One Hundred Swings

Saturday AM weight 125.2
7:45 2.5 mile walk
8:45 Bikram yoga

11:45 KB 2 hand swings

Warm up

40 2 hand swings w/26 x 5 sets, 1 min. on 1 min rest = 10 min. total

Work sets w/36

40 2 hand swings, 1 min. on, 1 min. rest
60 2 hand swings, 1.5 min. on, 1.5 min. rest
80 2 hand swings, 2 min. on 2 min. rest
100 2 hand swings, 2.5 min. on 2.5 min. rest (video shows reps 40-100)
I alternated these 4 sets in order 1 time, and then reversed the order for the second rotation, and then reversed again for the 3rd rotation, ending with the 100 rep set. So the order went like this; 40,60,80,100,100,80,60,40,40,60,80,100. All four sets to 14 min. to complete x 3 rotations = 42 min. total

3 sets of bottoms up swings 10 L,10 R,10 L,10 R, 2 min. on 1 min. rest.

Total workout time 60 min.

Sat. menu

5:00 & 11:00am coffee w/cream 60 cal.
11:30 2 tbl. PNB + 1 tsp. honey 220 cal.
1:30 steel cut oats w/milk 185 cal.
2:30 broccoli salad (broc,red cabbage,carrot,cranberries,grapes)470 cal.
2:30 1 small can of tuna in water + 2 tsp. mayo 210 cal.
4:30 chocolate sucker 70 cal.
6:30 veg soup w/brussel sprouts, butternut and spaghetti squash 220 cal.
6:30 roasted chicken (leg/thigh/wing/part of breast, 10oz.) 500 cal.

Total calories 1945

I wasn't feeling a "cheat day" but I increased my calories with nutritious food to recover from my 3 separate workouts today. I am having a hard time chosing high calorie foods.

Every time I think about what I would like to treat myself to, I always talk myself out of it because I don't think the calories are worth it! Probably because I can't just eat one cookie or one serving of ice cream, or one reg. candy bar. I want a whole bag of cookies (1800 cal) and a whole pint of ice cream (with PNB and coconut 1800 cal.) and a king size Snickers (500 cal.). So I'd rather have none.

Friday AM weight 125.4

coffee w/cream 85 cal.
8:30am 1/3 chocolate brownie 120 cal. (I was at a coffe shop)
12:00 oats/milk/sliced almonds 285 cal.
3:30 grilled salmon (5 oz.) 250 cal
3:30 veg soup w/pasta and rainbow chard 300 cal.
5:30 fig yogurt w/ toasted coconut 340 cal.
8:30 sm pea soup w/smoked turkey and extra veggies 300 cal.

Total calories 1680

I had a great week. I tried to eat more and kept my calories between 1600 (low) to 2000 (high) all week, but my weight stayed low. Normally I would shoot for below 1500. That's why I had choc. brownie Friday morning.


Royce said...


Royce said...

840 swings Tracy that is just a MONSTER session. I am so in awe. Add to it the fact that it is the equivelant to me swinging the 70. You are one seriously strong enduring person. I don't even need to qualify and cheapen it by saying you are a strong "girl". You would literally work most 20 year old guys I know into the damn ground.

Shari Baby said...

I just got a comment on my blog from you so decided to check you out. It seems to me that you do have a problem with the food stuff. Have you checked out the Zone ? I never count fact I have no idea how many calories I consume in a day...especially counting my coffee and cream...rather correct portion sizes and a 40-30-30 ratio of food at each of my 6 meals. I think it's the other way to eat for performance. Getting lean is a side benefit - I eat this way to perform better and get stronger. Look into Barry Sears "Mastering the Zone". Good luck to you. Oh...1500 calories is WAY to little to support your activities. And I always give myself a cheat day once a week. :)

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