Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend Hi/Lo

Today is Monday, my scheduled "snatch day", but I have to admit that after having a low-calorie day yesterday I just don't feel that I have the strength for a good workout.

I had decided to switch my high calorie day to Sunday (from Sat.), especially since I wanted to make Monday my snatch day, but the pint of Mayan Chocolate ice cream was too much to resist on Sat. night, I gave in. I added some peanut butter and toasted coconut into the mix and called it a night! I spent the next day in Santa Cruz (at the flea market) which made it easy for me to keep my calories low, but unfortunately most of my calories came from sugar. Not the type of nutrition needed to fuel a snatch workout the next day!

So Ill go to yoga class this morning and eat good today and snatch tomorrow.

Friday AM weight 125.6
workout w/client, 1 mile walk, + misc. KB


coffee w/cream, cocoa 120 cal.
1 prune 20 cal.
steel cut oats w/sliced almonds and milk 150, 90, 35 cal.
grilled salmon (6oz.) 300 cal.
sauteed red chard w/sliced garlic 150 cal.
chili pepper soup w/spagetti squash and black beans 150, 180 cal.
chocolate sucker 70 cal.

Total cal. 1265

Sat. AM weight 125.4
7:45 am 2.5 mile walk
8:45 am Bikram yoga
11:30 KB swing combo w/36


coffee w/cream, cocoa 200 cal.
prunes (5) 100 cal.
oats w/almonds and milk 300 cal.
broccoli salad w/ tuna and mayo 370, 250 cal.
veg soup w/ chicken (2oz), black beans 470 cal.
chocolate sucker 70
I should of stopped here! (1760 cal.)
chocolate ice cream, 1 pint 1240 cal.
peanut butter 200 cal.
coconut candy 300 cal.

Total calories 3500

Sunday AM weight ? ( I left really early in the morning and didn't weigh)
no exercise

Menu /low-calorie day

coffee w/cream 60 cal.
mocha coffee drink 360 cal.?
sm. chili pepper soup w/spagetti squash and black beans 230 cal.
grapes 100 cal.
leftover red chard w/garlic 50 cal.
prunes/ almonds 100 cal.

Total cal. 900 cal.

Life is good, I had a great weekend!

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