Friday, March 30, 2007

Dripping with Fat

O.K., so I'm in Costco yesterday, and as soon as I walk into the store, BAM, I'm hit with all of the candy and goodies associated with Easter. My first reaction;

Wow, I can get a huge econo bag of chocolate candy for about $6.99! Tracy, you know if you buy it, you're going to eat it! But it's such a deal! Are you crazy? You know you're not going to buy it, so why are you thinking about it? Because it's so cheap, I can afford 6 bucks! I can buy whatever I want (at those prices).

So I started to think about how this was a perfect example of why I think part of the problem with obesity in this country is due in part to how we are spoiled with so much cheap and convenient food.

When I was fat, I used to joke about how easy it was to purchase 400 calories for around 1 buck! (a pkg. of Hostess donuts, one of my favorite snacks, = 400 cal., unfortunately I couldn't just eat 1 pkg.!) In fact, I think a King Size candy bar has over 500 cal. and that's about a buck also. And lately, as I write in my food journal, I am always aware of what the cost of calories are.

So, I started to compare the cost of calories to other things, like diamonds. Diamond jewelry. Why don't we buy diamonds like we buy junk food? Because we can't afford it! We can't just go out and but diamond jewelry on a whim, because it's pretty, and it makes us feel good, and we want it , and we can have it, beacuse we can afford it whenever we want. If we could, we would all be dripping in diamonds!

But aren't we all dripping in fat? All of the excess calories that we purchase, not because we're hungry, but because we want it and we can have it. All we need is just 1 buck! Man, how spoiled are we? Can we really afford it?

So, next time you find yourself buying crappy food that you don't need, ask yourself what the true cost is and then decide what kind of deal you're truly getting!


christine said...

WORD. Costco carries Belgian chocolates, too - the really yummy, hazelnut ones. And I have to fight with myself as to why I DON'T need them. Foods that are bad are just too easily accessible. And have you seen the food commercials they show during kid's programming? It's not good.

Tracy said...

Once I found out that those yummy chocolates had hydrogenated fats they lost their appeal! I'll take REAL sugar and REAL fats anyday.

The commericial that I find horrible is the one for Kentucky Fried, where they show a family supposedly "staying home" for dinner, as if purchasing Fried chicken is the same as a "home cooked" meal.

christine said...

Would you believe I have never eaten at a KFC? I was raised in a seriously crunchy granola house - mom made her own bread, her own granola. We couldn't keep our Halloween candy, even! I didn't have a HoHo until well into high school. I have luckily never gotten in the fast food habit, but I do loves me some Chik Fil A.

I am so ashamed!

LK said...

on one board some woman said - when I buy something (food) I calculate how many calories are in the whole package and say to myself - do I really need it..?

what's that white thing on your hand/fingers in the pic from 3/29? protect the grip, so not to develop calluses?

Tracy said...

christine, You are hilarious! You should be a writer, but you already know that I'm sure!

Tracy said...

Is it Lk or Ik? Isn't a whole pkg. one serving? That's how I've always done it! LOL I do that on a regular basis. Don't know if you noticed, but I never eat anything less than a whole pint of ice cream! I just factor the calories in.

I protect my hands as best I can because of all of the volume I do. I take the top of an athletic sock and cut it in half, then fold it over (in two) and slip them on my hands just over where calluses would start. I know, I'm a weeny!

LK said...

it's LK
socks eh, I thought tennis sweat band ;-)

leslie said...

As always, you are so right!

Hey, I saw that you were able to post a comment on my weblog -- hooray! The answer to your question about rest times for the CrossFit workout is "I rest as little as I possibly can, and the workout took maybe 35 minutes. All sets were broken." Thoughts?

I can be emailed at lgandy"at"starstream"dot"net, in case that's easier!

Tracy said...

Leslie, My thoughts, especially after your post about keeping your mouth shut, are that I would love to see you work up to at least two 20-30 min. swing combo workouts a week with the KB's. I love all that crossfit stuff, but KB training will get you lean and muscular and (most importantly) STRONGER for you other types of training!

It works cardio training like nothing else! I haven't stepped foot on a treadmill, elyptical, or stairmaster since starting my diet and my bodyfat is consistently 17%-19%.

When you're in the neighborhood I'll put you through a workout!

leslie said...

I'd LOVE to experience you directing a workout. In the meantime, I'm going to copy some of your workouts. And when I get a chance to take a fieldtrip your way, maybe I won't get my butt so thoroughly kicked!!!

Tracy said...

Leslie, All of my particular workouts can be modified, however, I've been working with a new client in Scotts Valley on Fridays, she's been swinging for only about 8 weeks now and I've been thinking of posting her "beginning workouts". I just need to OK it with her first.

We spend about 20 min. practicing and then 10-20 min. swinging "I go, you go" style. Lots of fun!! And I get an additional workout in!!