Thursday, March 1, 2007

My Man at 50

Happy, happy 50th birthday to the love of my life, my husband Mark!

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of training alongside him on a Saturday morning. That's when he is truly "in his element". It's still a little intimidating for me because I know how serious this time is for him. But when I watch and feel his training energy I can't help but recognize the years and years of hard work that drives him to perfect each movement he makes.

I noticed the "purposefulness" of everything he does in the gym. It's no joke! There's nothing casual about it. It's serious sh*#! And as I watched him warm up and then start his work sets, as he was snatching all of this hit me and I thought "Wow, this man is almost 50 years old! He's hot!" and I ran to get the camera to take a picture (picture to be posted this afternoon!).

I also noticed how watching his KB training was like watching him connect with his gymnastic past. It's about movement. Movements of strength and grace. Swinging arcs, power, momentum. It was cool!

I have to confess that I've never really appreciated his physique. Maybe because it has always been part of who he is. Although I have to admit he has always had "killer arms", and beautiful hands. Strong hands. But at the age of 50, how many men are still striving to be the strongest they can be? How many men at the age of 50 have never missed a workout? And I'm sure I'll be able to ask these same questions when he's 60, 70, 80 and get the same answer!

But for today he's 50. And I hope I can help make this a happy day for him (wink, wink). I've never had more love, more respect, more devotion, more appreciation than I have today, for my Man at 50.

Your wife, Tracy


Franz Snideman said...


great post. I know every man alive would love to have his wife about their husband as you have about Mark.

I hope you two have a special day!

God Bless!

Mark Reifkind said...

Thank you honey, you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me.You are my life!Thank you so much for this beautiful present.

your adoring husband.

leslie said...

Thriving marriages are the bomb! Happy birthday Mark, and way to go Tracy for being the kind of wife that brings honor to the title!

Tracy said...

Franz, As I'm sure you know, having a spouse that you can share so much with is truly, as you would say, "A blessing".

Tracy said...

leslie, After reading some of your posts, I "got" right away that we have similar ideas about marraige. I remember thinking "cool" another woman that appreciates her husband and marriage, like me!

Anyway, I tried to comment on you blog about your handstands but couldn't and it disappeared into wherever? So I'll keep trying.

But as far as wanting to swing a KB for 10 min.. What weight are you wanting to swing? I've done the 26 for 10 min. numerous times, But I'm not sure there is ever really a reason to. It just becomes aerobic at that point.

I'd rather build more muscle (tone and size) with shorter, harder sets, personally. Tracy

Royce said...

great post Tracy, totally cool to see such a great marriage.
Neither of you look your age by the way.

Tracy said...

Royce, Aw, thanks!