Sunday, March 4, 2007

A Most Interesting Week

This has been a most interesting week! To be honest, I don't want to say that I've been feeling scared about gaining weight since I've come to terms with the fact that I've got no more to lose (weight of course), but I have. And I've been fighting it, feeling scared that is.

There are two things that I know I'm good at, gaining weight and losing weight! But maintaining my weight, come on, who is good at that? Not many. And anyone that has "food issues" finds it almost impossible. That's scary.

Lucky for me the third thing that I'm good at is challenges. And once I realized that I can use maintaining my weight as a challange I'm not so scared anymore. In fact, I'm excited and with new motivation, I'm going to be fine.

Really, the scary part are the emotions connected to food. And that's been my challenge this week. Not the food. The anxiety. So, I'll change my focus, there's more to life than obsessing about food. I think I'll go shopping! Just kidding!

Challenges are an opportunity to grow, rise to an occasion and become a better person. To have a better life. And how can that be scary?


Josh Hillis said...

Hey Tracy!

First up, congrats on coming to terms with the fact that you're "done". Most people's context for working out and eating right is that their body is a set of problems to be fixed. It's cool that you're at the point where you get that now you're perfect.

The probablem with maintaining is that it's no fun. And in reality, I don't think it's a very inspiring context for working out and eating well (although it should be).

So the question then becomes, what could be your new context for working out and eating right? What would be inspiring for you? What would be a really fun new goal?

Some fun goals my clients have moved into after reaching their body composition goals include: First pistol, 5x5 pistols, first pullup, 10 pullups, first L-Sit Pullup, sprint-distance triathlons, wicked fast 5ks, first back handspring, ect.

And those are just ideas for new goals. Really, what I'm always looking for in finding my client's context for working out is this: What will further my client in terms of being proud of and inpired by her body?

Josh Hillis

Tracy said...

Maintainance alone is going to be the challenge. I've come up with some ways of breaking it down into smaller gaols, which I'll share in my posts in the near future.

I don't think the "fun" factor has anything to do with being able to maintain. I think it's more the loss of the focus of losing. It's hard to define "no goal".

But my daily inspiration comes from my jeans! What keeps me proud and inspired is looking around me and seeing "skinny people" that are not fit or healthy. That reminds me that I have an edge. An edge that I don't want to lose. An edge that makes me sing along with the songs on the radio, do little dances inbetween sets in the gym, and keeps me smiling and in a good mood!

Eating right is not a problem. Working out is not a problem. The inner dialogue that fights for control, for whatever reason, is the struggle.

As far as "fun" goals. My bodyfat can't get any lower, because of my age, it's just not pretty!(it's between 17%-19%). And speaking of age, that keeps me more grounded than most. Although I would love to do, and I know I can train for, triathlons or 5ks, etc.,It's not worth injury. Pull ups are on my list, but I need to get my shoulder rehabed.

I'm going to the April cert and I have to be in tip top shape for that, and I have some flexiblity goals with my yoga pratice.

Unfortunately, working to keep others inspired can only be done by living as an example. When you have something they want and they feel as if they can have it too.

You can lead a horse to water... That's what I want my blog to be. A place to drink up, to drink in hope and inspiration by living the journey. Without judgement. And with compassion. Coming from some one who's been there!

Josh Hillis said...

=) Tracy, your blog is awesome. I didn't mean to sound like I was all up on my soapbox or something.

17-19% bodyfat - that's rockstar lean!

You're right about the inner dialog. The inner dialog is always the fun part. The part that's most interesting. And the part that really makes a difference.

I think that's one of the reasons your blog is totally inspiring because you kinda let us in on that inner dialog.

Tracy said...

Hey Josh, No worries, I didn't take it that way. I know we are both just excited about what we do!

If you think I'm rockstar lean, Mark just measured his at 7.5% this afternoon! Bastard!