Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Keeping My Eye on the Prize

In the next 3 weeks I have some special circumstances that I need to focus extra attention to be able to fully enjoy. In the last, almost, 3 years now I have rarely eaten out, in fact, up until the last couple of months, I had only eaten out in situations like being out of town and having to.

But, as I approach my 3 year anniversary from the day I started this amazing weight loss journey, (2 years of maintenance), I'm enjoying the freedom from fear (of making bad choices) because I've formed the habits needed to continue to keep my body lean and healthy. So, enjoying good food and wine out with friends and family is starting to become a more regular event.

Since I'm a believer in calorie counting, "banking" calories works well for me. Of course, scientifically it all evens out, (I've almost always been able to enjoy a "cheat day" once a week followed by a low calorie day), but mentally/phsycologically it works too. I'm never really hungry after a high calorie day and I've always had (kept) the motivation to get back to healthy choices quickly. Partly because of habit forming, but mostly because it just feels better to be lean and healthy, compared to sick and bloated.

So, over the next 3 weeks I have a birthday dinner this Saturday, in which case I've already aquired 3 bottles of Syrah wine for....my attempt to snatch the 16kg for 10 min. the following week....and the best part...I get to go to Minnesota during the Oct. RKC and stay with the Fridays (Aaron and Fawn) for 3 1/2 days!!!! WOO-HOO! Sooooo....

My diet has to stay tight and clean, I have to eat enough, as well as not too much. Today, being Tuesday, my goal is to get and keep my weight in the 127's by Wednesday morning and keep it there until Sat., I haven't done that in weeks. Next will be to get and keep my weight in the 128's pre snatch test with plenty of fats and protein, and just enough carbs. Then I need to get back down in the 127's for my trip, God only knows what I'll weigh when I get back!

So I'll be journaling my daily weight/food to keep accountable and on track, this will be the most serious of times...no bullshit. Enough but not too much. (enough is the hard part, it's easy to starve myself).

Monday AM weight 130.0
2:30pm weight 128.8
1:15 Max Vo2 KB
6:30pm 1 hour walk


coffee/cream 80 cal.
11:00 espresso/cream 35 cal.
12:30 3 stalks celery/PNB/raisins 200 cal
3:00 spaghetti squash/roasted tomatoes/chard 350 cal. + 4oz. ribeye 200 cal.
3:30 Grapenut cereal/milk 360 cal.
5:30 chinese long bean/tomato/roasted corn salad, w/lime/garlic dressing 400 cal.
Misc. 100 cal.

Total calories 1725

Keep my eye on the prize...keep my eye on the prize....if I don't buy it, I won't eat it....keep my eye on the prize!

Life is good.


Kori Bliffert, NASM-CPT said...

You guys are going to the RKC? BJ and I are assisting so we will see ya there!

I completely understand about keeping the weight down. I am making sure I keep mine down for my follow up snatch test.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm flying solo this trip! Mark won't be teaching, but I plan on "crashing" the Meet and Greet...see ya there!

Kori Bliffert, NASM-CPT said...

Very cool! See ya there!

Diana said...

It is nice to have a prize at the end of a journey. I have recently decided to take this weight loss trip one step farther and train for a "sprint" triathlon. It is a year away, but already hard at work. Since I truly HATE to run, it will be a challenge that I plan to give myself one hell of a prize at the end when I cross the line. That prize will take me soaring to sights I can hardly wait to see!
Thanks for the great post. Look forward to more of your workouts.

fawn said...


We are going to have so much fun! I have all kinds of ideas planned... we may NEED some extra calories.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Triathilon? Sprints? What are the other events?

Lots of work ahead, but isn't it fun when you know you can do something, set your goals, work toward them, and then kick ass!

KB's will help your conditioning for sprints beautifully!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's one of those things....either we cry when I leave, or you guys will cry UNTIL I leave! I hope it's the former!

I can't wait!