Friday, October 12, 2007

Thursday Dbl. Clean, Press. Squat

10:00am KB

Warm up

40 reps, 2 hand & 1 hand swings w/12kg, 1 min on, 1 min rest x 5 sets = 10 min.

Work sets

#1 w/2 12kg's
dbl clean, press, dbl cl pr squat, x 5, 1 min on
1 min rest
#2 w/16kg
clean, press R, 2 hand trans, squat, 2 hd tr, cl pr L, 2 hd tr, squat, repeat x 10, 2 min on,
1 min rest
#3 w/20kg
2 hand swing, 2 hd catch, squat x 9, 1 min on,
1 min rest

All three sets took 7 min to complete, I rotated them 5 x = 35 min.

swing/clean/press ladder 5 min.

9 R, 9 L, 7 R, 7 L, 5 R, 5 L, 3 R, 3 L, 1 R, 1 L

Total workout 50 min.

I knew I had extra swinging to do @ Girya with my 12:30pm class, so I resisted extending my workout longer. This is the last workout, before my SSST w/16kg, that I'll be handling anything heavier than the 12kg.

After packing my All Day Lunch, on Wed., I gave into the Halloween size Snickers at work (big time!). I still ate all of my good food, reluctently, but I'd rather eat the extra 500 calories of good nutritious food than feed my body nothing but empty calories of sugar.

I'm bumping up my protein and fat (BF 17.7%-19%), also I'm thinking about revisting the WD as I approach my 4 day vacation to St. Paul.

My training is good, my food is good, my life is good.

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fawn said...

Great workout, Tracy! I am really looking forward to your visit!