Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Strategies for 10min 16kg Snatch...keeping an eye on the prize

Keeping a video blog has finally paid off big! I was able to go back (to June) and review some snatch workouts in preparation for my 10 min snatch test w/16kg in less than 2 weeks.

I can't really say exactly what my strategy is, because I don't know! Should I put the weight down....should I try and keep a steady pace, and try and go the whole 10 many reps should I shoot for....etc. Since this is the first time I'll be testing it, I'm trying to relax and remember that this is only a baseline.

In the mean time, I've got 2 more press/squat workouts. I'm seriously thinking about switching squats for pistol waist is just too thick! Diggin' the legs/hammies, but the gut has to go soon! Two, heavy, swing workouts, and 1 more MVo2, I think we're doing 50 sets next Monday. In addition to all of this I'm doing tons of demo/client workouts.

Secretly, I would love to test the 10 min snatch with the 12kg right after the 10 min/16kg me crazy, but I would if Mark let me...what the hell, right? LOL

Tuesday AM weight 128.4
12:30 swing demos @ Girya (20-25 min continuous w/12kg)
7:00pm Bikram yoga


4:30-9:30 coffee w/cream 80 cal.
11:00 risotto soup 600 cal.
3:00 PNB, raisins, coconut, celery (5), carrot, 450 cal.
4:30 steel cut oats (1 1/2 serv.) 225 cal, 2% milk 1/2 c. 60 cal.
Misc. 100 cal.

Total calories 1515

Here's the video starting the beginning of my training to snatch the 16kg, 4 months ago.


Zorbs said...

I have a question for you: why is it in KB training you should lock your knees and elbows while it is discouraged in conventional weight training?

Thanks in advance!

Bill Fox said...

Couple things to think about:

1) If you hve a strong side, use it. It's one thing to even out training, or even push the weak side, but for the test maybe do 10/8 or something like that and take advantage of the difference
2) I don't like putting down. wastes time and you'll always take that extra few seconds, better to take an extra breath overhead.
3) Switch often. Don't go for to many reps on one side and slow down/kill your grip.
4) For training I very rarely did 10 or even 8 minutes. Key is doing lot'e of 4,5, 6 minutes at a little faster then goal RPM so you get efficiant at that pace. Judging from your workloads "juice" should be no problem.

kyle cesear said...

Hi Tracy,

I'm a big fan of you and Rif. You are a machine!

Do you think you will beat 255 with the 16? I think so because you train for speed and for so many reps. I've read on other forums about RKC and AKC and I've seen youtube of the AKC champion snatching, but she snatchs slow compared to your videos.

Carrie Beauchamp said...

This question is off the topic of the blog but I just have to ask: How do you prepare your steelcut oats?

Mark Reifkind said...

putting it down does waste time but the key is not to go into oxygen debt and start accumulating lactic acid.once you go there its very hard to recover.
her cardio won't be the problem but her strength might. her hip snap drives the snatch and with the heavier load her hips are working much harder than with the 12.
plus the grip is way tough and that eats up a lot of energy as well. if the grip was the same size as the 12 you would see much bigger numbers.
what number did you do and how did you structure your pace?

Sheryl said...

Hi Tracy,

Just wondering how long you have been snatching the 16kg? You make it look so easy! LOL.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Mark says, "Conventional weight training is wrong, joints are made to be locked out. Conventional weight training focuses on getting muscle tension by keeping the joints unlocked, KB movements focus on full ranges of motion, more like athletic movements."

Nice to see you're back!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Whatever strategy I end up using, I'm sure it'll be a huge learning experience!

My original plan was to switch every 7-8 reps. But I can see (and remember) watching the video that once I lose my breathe, I'm screwed...I think the pace and/or rest will be the most important.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Hell no! LOL I do have a goal number, I'm not sure if I should announce it....but I really don't have a clue!

Ask anyone who has snatched the 12 for reps and the 16 for reps, the 16 is a whole different's NO JOKE! Neither is 10 minutes.

Aaron Friday said...

When the breath goes, everything goes. I think you're right on with your assessment.

It will be awesome no matter what.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I measure out 1/4 c. oats to 2 cups water, pinch of salt, for 1 serving. Cover and bring to a boil(keep an eye on it or it will boil over), uncover turn to low for 30 min.

Sometimes I make this a day ahead when I have the time, but I almost always make it hours before I need to eat it and just leave it on the stove until that time.

After it's done and turned off, I put the lid back on, for "mushier" oats, sometimes I leave the lid off for "firmer" oats. Then I reheat it quickly in the same pot. Obviously I use a microwave at work.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I started snatching the 16 right after I tested the SSST w/12kg, which was maybe soon after the beginning of the year...or maybe I didn't start using it until I got back from the RKC last April? (I assisted) Not too long though.

I use my training to shape my body, and I wanted to get more muscular so I knew I needed to increase the weights I had been working with for all movements, not just the snatch.

Jennifer said...

Again, a little off topic, but as I look at your food logs, you don't seem to be getting a whole lot of protein. How much do you thing you're averaging a day, and do you feel like maintaining a certain amount of protein is necessary? Do you eat carbs all day or just after your workouts?
Thanks in advance!

Bill Fox said...

Rif and Tracy

William is me, Bill Fox. I see your points, and Rob always preferred putting it down and sticking to a strict schedule. Grip is never an issue for me with my giant mitts.

I did lots of shorter, faster then goal pace sets and relied on comp adreniline to carry the last couple minutes. I did 239 for the SSST w/ 24kg @185. At the TSC I did 117, and I did put it down. Obviously pulling 405 and doing 29 pullups took a tad out of me.

Your so grooved on the density approach it will probably work better.

As you know the real deciding factor will be the music!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Rock on!

I just hope I don't start sounding like the audio from a porn flick!

jen-shaktifit said...

Hello Tracy,
My name is Jen Peters and I found your blog on dragondoor, anyway

I started with KBs about a few months ago after training mostly with boxing and Muay Thaifor a few years. I too started my fitness journey because i was overwieght and became severly depressed, anyway after learning the kettlebells I am come to believe they are the BEST! I entered the TSC for my first time in Sep of this year, I trained for a month, suffered a torn rotator cuff(nothing to do w the training, it was some other mistake I made) so I had to modify everything. When the test day came I still felt really confident in the snatches, being a fighter taught me to KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT, so I felt good and came out with 139, not my goal but it was the 1st place so I was happy.
Anyway, I rested the last few weeks from heavy lifting and Yoana from Revolution asked me to test the SSST (12kg), of course I agreed, ) it was my first time and I came out with 319 snatches, so again I am happy.
Now that I am aware of the SSST (16kg) I am excited to do it as well...I agree with you the 12 and 16 are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS!
I am excited to meet you at the Oct. RKC...
You are motivating me to go further, I feel like we share a common desire to be the best we can.



Tracy Reifkind said...


I would like to answer your question about my protein intake on a post, so I'll write that in the next few days.

I had already been thinking about writing something about the nutritional breakdown of my food choices.

Thanks for your comment.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Jen P.

Super congrats on you SSST, I saw the piture, but hadn't had time to extend congrats on Yoanna blog.

I have no doubt I can get around 320 myself, not trying to take any of your thunder...really....but the 12's just too easy. I will retest it after I get my 1st SSST w/16kg out of the way, for a baseline to continue training with it.

Let's keep this connection!

SSST w/16kg next MOnday!!!

Mark Reifkind said...


so glad to see you posting here.I wondered who is was that seemed like they really knew what they were talking about!
239 with the 24 is no joke, and , as Joe found out, doing deads and pullups first in a TSC really does take something out of your snatch!
I think the grip issue will what really tires her out more than anything and she already does LOTS of very fast paced sets so she is covered there. need to talk john into making smaller handled 16 kg bells!

jen-shaktifit said...

Monday?...maybe you should eat more mexican candy then you'll be even more motivated to push out those snatches!;)