Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tracy's All Day Lunch 10/3

Wednesday AM weight 128.0 (barely missed my goal of 127.?)

No exercise!

Menu (clockwise)

Peet's coffee /cream 35 cal.

spaghetti squash (1/2 of a 3lb. squash), roasted tomatoes, ground beef/italian sausage 400 cal.

leftover broccoli

1/2 bunch spinach, chicken 4oz. (for salad) 200 cal.

roasted corn, chinese long beans, yellow pear tomatoes (for salad) 150 cal.

lime/garlic dressing 150 cal.

carrots (2), raisins 1/4 c. 150 cal.

veg soup w/black beans 200 cal.

morning coffee w/misc. 100 cal.

Total calories 1385

Low calories, big volume....I'm trying to cut down on my nuts because they're so high calorie, time to add some back in!

Although I missed my goal of weighing in the 127's by the morning, I waited an hour and weighed myself again....127.8! Since I get out of bed around 4:15am, I find that I weigh a little lighter after 5:00am.

I've been strict about not eating after 6pm for the last 4 days.....eye on the prize!


thelearnedtravellergal said...

Tracy, without a doubt you're correct, weight loss and maintenance is a one-two punch: food-exercise. I'll keep coming back to see your food postings and of course the kettlebell workouts.

Life is great-Rock on sister!

leslie said...

I LOVE your food posts. Actually, that's not true -- I just love everything you write! Keep up the great work, my friend!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Wow, treking the globe...good for you!

At this point, looking at how I live, and what I eat, nothing is really a problem, until I make it that way!

Life is good.

Tracy Reifkind said...


You know I've got so much to say about food, really, I haven't even started!

This blogging thing really takes alot of time and care...I know you, being a blogger yourself, recognize that, so thanks for the encouragement.