Monday, October 22, 2007

Max Vo2, Minnesota style

Fawn and I did 40 sets, 15 sec. on, 15 sec. rest 8/8 reps w/12kg. Fawn dropped down to 7/7 reps on set 30, incredible for her first time training this way! This Max vo2 was done after teaching and swinging with her class at Gold's Gym.

Here are the ladies that survived my co-teaching and got a chance to swing "Tracy Reifkind Style"! Fawn can help remind me of their names!

Saturday morning Fawn and I got up extra early and went to the Downtown Farmers Market (pictures coming soon!) and then went over to Gold's Gym to teach a KB class at 9am. Her group of students stayed and watched Fawn and I snatch "I go, you go" style for our Max Vo2 workout, and slipped into the background for a picture! I had great fun sharing my swing combos, and Fawn and I collaborated on a swing/clean/squat combo, just for this group!

We then ran over to The Press Gym to co-teach anther KB class at 11:00! One of my former summer workout buds, Emily Murai, who lives there in MN, showed up for that class and after practicing form with a couple of other students for about an hour, I put her through a 35 min. intense swing combo workout, in which Fawn joined in the last 20 minutes of. Here I am, after over an hour of teaching and swinging, with Emily Murai.

We ate lunch, walked Elsa, took a nap, I got a gun safety lesson from Aaron that evening and then Fawn and I went out to Dinner at The Wood Fire Grill.
Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I didn't have a better one. On our way out to dinner.

Saturday was awesome, life is good in Minnesota. Life is good with the Fridays.


Aaron Friday said...

You and Fawn are both crazy, but I mean that in a "mental health" sort of way.


If I had that much energy, I'd be a spaz or a guru (same thing). But it suits the both of you very well in real life. Your workouts are unbelievable.

FitwithLizzie said...

You ladies look incredible and like you're having the times of your lives. Looks like a great trip!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I take that as a huge compliment.

As much stuff as Fawn and I did, we still didn't get to a few things, like yoga, and I would of loved for her to train me "Fawn style" time!

Tracy Reifkind said...


This was THE best vacation ever! Great hosts(the Fridays), awesome training, food that has inspired my own cooking, and weather that was perfect...of yea, and crashing the RKC was fun.

Kettlebells have really been a miracle in my life. Not only has it changed my body and health, I got to meet and know one of the most awesome couples, ever!

fawn said...


You were the best guest ever! My two favorite things... training and cooking, combined with my new Best Bud! This past weekend was a blast! Thanks for coming to Saint Paul Tracy!

fawn said...

One thing for the readers of Tracy's blog... I did more KB swings this weekend than I did in my entire KB career... including the cert. That is a lot of swings.

jen-shaktifit said...

Hi Tracy!
It was great to meet you! Hope to see you again!

Franz Snideman said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

Fun times for sure!

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