Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Turning a single serving of risotto into "risotto soup", by adding 2-3 c. veggie soup and 4 oz. chicken. (Risotto with radicchio, spinach, and carmelized onions)
Ok, so where was I? I suggested that perhaps instead of the carbs being the problem, it's the amount of carbs, or the amount of carbs in ratio to other foods in the diet.

So, can you lose weight and still eat carbs? Well here's an example of my list of foods yesterday,

coffee/cream (fat) 80 cal.
apple, lg fuji (carb) 100 cal.
rissotto soup w/chicken (veggie/carb/protein) 500 cal.
celery/carrots/dried fruit, prunes (4), 1/2c. raisins (veggie/carb) 400 cal.
steel cut oats, yogurt, milk, honey (carb, protein, carb) 425 cal.
Misc. 80 cal.

Total calories 1585

My Tues. AM weight Wed. AM weight I guess the answer is yes! You can lose weight and still eat carbs, IMO.

Now, admittedly, my carbs yesterday were, in fact, higher than normal...I chose not to make a large salad because of my work/yoga schedule, (I didn't want to be digesting alot of raw veggies all day) which is unusual. But, I drank plenty of water and kept my calorie count within range.

And Royce brought up a good point, which is that low carb dieting works for alot of people, including him. But I suggested, that pehaps it's the structure of dieting that works....and what is the definition of "works"?

In other words, no matter what style of dieting you chose, once you start a diet, you're taking in fewer calories, so you will lose weight. And dieting provides focus, planning, attention, thought...structure. After all it's the lack of these details that leads to overeating and eating the wrong foods. And figuring out what works for you is, of course, key to finding a way of permanently changing the way you consume the foods in your diet.

And that brings me to my last you define "works". I define a "working diet" as one that you can stick to the rest of your life...the foods you eat everyday...and look forward to eating, enjoy eating, and peferring to eat! If you cannot stick with it, it doesn't work! The definition of diet isn't meant to be used to always describe weight loss, but everything you eat, everyday, no matter what your bodyweight goals may be, is considered your diet.

For me personally, I don't want to live my life in fear of "carbs". I want to experience all foods especially if I have opportunities to travel, I won't have the control over my foods the same way as if I were at home, and I can't live with the fear of leaving my home kitchen. When I eat carbs I stay with an appropriate serving size, and then add other foods into the meal. So for me, consuming carbs in proportion to veggies/protein/fat/calorie count, is the key to my diet.

I am not an expert in dieting...I'm only an expert in my diet! Become an expert in your diet...your diet for life....a good and healthy life!


Royce said...

I completely see your point. I think I feel the best when I avoid grains/starches. Wich is why it works for me. There are a lot of people that just eat sensible, move, and loose weight.
Great post.

Guy said...


I have done the warrior diet in past, using your recipes, which were great by the way. Currentl i am doing the metabolic diet, and i like it alot. Im leaning down way more and enjoying a feast on the weekends. You are right "Become an expert on your DIET" I really wish that you would come out w/ a receipe book (hint, hint ) ;) Have a great day.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm thinking of revisiting the WD right now. Every few months my diet goes a little "willy nilly" and the WD gives me the structure to get some discipline back!

As far as a book....I like the idea of a "recipe collection"...maybe that describes, kind of, what I'm capable of writing!

All in due time, lol! But thanks!