Thursday, December 7, 2006

Back On The Wagon

I woke up Wed. morning 132.0 lbs. Bummer. I always hope that through some miracle I won't weigh heavy after a binge. I didn't even weigh that much after Thanksgiving! I know that 1/2 lb. here 1/2 lb. there doesn't seem to be a big deal, but for me I have to pay attention. Especially since I'm more motivated by success rather than failure.

After breaking my rule of "never leave the house without knowing what you're going to eat" on Friday, I made sure to have all my food for the day. I had already packed soup the day before. When I came home from yoga I started some oatmeal, and assembled a large salad. I knew I was going to have something with sugar early, so I started a fresh pot of strong coffee to which I would add some cocoa powder ( I left out the cream in the oatmeal and coffee w/cocoa to cut some calories ).

I knew I would get hungry around 9-10am and the caffeine and sugar would help suppress my appetite until I could get to lunch around 1:00. It worked. Then I ate my salad at 1:30, I was still hungry. So I went ahead and ate my oatmeal. That seemed to do the trick. I ate dinner at 5:00. Didn't have any crazy sugar craving, I'll try the coffee w/ cocoa again this morning (Thurs.).

5:30 Bikram yoga

Wed. menu

4:30-9 coffee w/cream 100 cal.
10-11:00 coffee w/cocoa 100 cal.
1:30 cabbage salad w/curry dressing, 4oz. chicken, 2tbl. golden raisins 400 cal.
2:00 oatmeal w/3 chopped dates, 1 tsp. brown sugar 285 cal.
5:00 veg soup w/ pasta carbonara 350 cal.

Total calories 1235

Thurs. AM weight 129.0!!!

Wednesday was a good day.


Franz Snideman said...

Looks like the scale is going the right direction. You have a very refreshing and realistic approach to your meals. Planning ahead of time always is a good idea. I preach the same to my cleints, plan your days so you know what you are going to eat.

Patricia Chacon said...

I am reading today's blog to Karen on the phone right now. You are such an inspiration to us. Karen and Jim are comming over for dinner on Sunday and we are discussing the menu and making changes to the menu; exchanging mashed potatoes for barley and a homemade low call dessert, etc. Keep up the blog and don't let that fat girl out again! You look marvelous!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks so much for supporting me by your comments. I was thrilled with my weight today! Planning ahead and hard work does pay off.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Welcome to my world! Why are you having potatoes or barley? Come to my cooking class and expand your horizons! Veggies, veggies, veggies!! Love ya, Tracy