Sunday, December 24, 2006

Friday, Still Fighting the Fight

Mark just mentioned to me he heard that the average american gains 15 pounds during the holiday season. Fifteen pounds! The season starts with Halloween through Valentines Day. So I guess it's not over until February.

I have to admit I've been having a difficult time this year. Especially during this last week before Christmas. I haven't weighed under 130 all week. Coming off the pancakes and ice cream last Sat. didn't help. Sweets are my particular downfall, and there was an abundance of them all around me at every corner. And they were free!

I finally felt as if I got a hold of myself on Friday. I had my days food planned out and I felt that my willpower was strong. I had one piece of See's at work other than that I was perfect. Then when I came home...

Mark told me that one of his clients gave him ice cream that day and it was in the freezer. Well, I was actually low on my calories (on purpose to try and catch up, or so I thought. I didn't keep a running total and I was actually not low!) so for some reason I decided it would be O.K. to treat myself. After all I only had one piece of candy that day. I didn't go overboard and probably had the equivalent of 1/2 cup (1 serv.). Then....

My neighbor went out of town and I am looking after his cat. He left us (my family) a Tiramisu cake in his fridge for me to take home. When I got to his house at around 6:30pm, I had no intention of eating any cake. If fact when he told me that it was there for us I thought to myself, "Oh no! Too bad I can't eat it it will have to go to waste." But I was curious to see how good it looked and took it out of the fridge. What was I thinking?

I opened the box, took a fork from the drawer and started in by thinking ,"I just want a taste.", "I know it's an expensive, good quality gourmet cake, I might not get another chance to taste something this good agiain in my whole life!", "Oh well I'll have a small piece.", " Maybe a little more, what's the difference?" "You know, this is really quite light, it probably doesn't have as many calories as I think it does." Etc..

AM weight 130.8
6:30 Bikram yoga

5-9:00am coffee w/cream, coffee w/cocoa 135 cal.
10:00 fresh fruit 75 cal.
11:30 yogurt shake w/fiber, blueberries and coffee 330 cal.
2:30 veg soup w/squash and rice w/cabbageand kale 490 cal.
3:00 1 See's candy 80 cal.
5:30 broccoli salad w/tuna, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries 335 cal.
6:00 ice cream 1/2 cup 195 cal.
6:30 Tiramisu 350 cal.

Total 1990 calories

6:45-7:30pm walk

I didn't take many pictures of myself when I was fat, I tried to avoid it and succeeded! But I found this one taken 2 weeks before I started my diet 2 years ago. It was taken December 21, 2004, at a holiday brunch. Little did I know that 2 weeks later my life would take a drastic change.

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