Saturday, December 9, 2006

Swing Day / Cheat Day

AM weight 127.4!!

I was short on time this morning so I had work hard and fast and get it done, I decided to make it hard and simple. I didn't quite have an hour, but I ended up getting in 55 minutes of swings.

Since the weather has turned cold it takes a while to warm up. I've taken a quick 15-20 min. walk but usually just start swinging. Mark started taking a hot 10 min. bath before some of his workouts to warm up. I tried that for the first time last week and it works great. By warming my body's core I start sweating sooner and feel as if I get a better WO.

8:30 KB

warmup sets
40 2 hand swings w/26lb. x 5 sets 1 min. on 1 min. off total time 10 min.

work sets
19 2 hand swing w/26lb. = 30 sec.
19 2 hand swing w/36lb. = 30 sec.
19 2 hand swing w/26lb. = 30 sec

19 2 hand swing w/36lb. = 30 sec.
19 2 hand swing w/26lb. = 30 sec.
19 2 hand swing w/36lb. = 30 sec.

These 2 sets took 1 min. 30 sec. each total with a 1 min. rest inbetween. The 2 sets w/rest took 5 min. I alternated these 2 sets 9 times = 5min. x 9 = 45 min.

I placed the 26lb. next to the 36lb. on the floor. After swinging one for 30 sec. (19 reps) I put it down stepped right or left depending on which I started with and started swinging the other for 30 sec., then put it down stepped back and finished with the first weight for the remaining 30 sec.

Total time 55 minutes.

Cheat Day

I started my weight loss allowing myself one day a week to break the diet. I am convinced it is part of the reason I rarely hit any kind of plateau. My day has always been Saturday because that day is our "date night" and I didn't want to drag Mark down by having to be super strict on a diet.

There are definate parameters for cheating. I try to wait as long as I can before I start eating and stop as early as I can, always by 6:00pm sometimes as early a 3:30pm. I'm usually so stuffed I'm not hungry anyway. In other words I don't wake up and start eating and keep going all day.

A cheat day is always followed by a low calorie day or apple fast. I shoot for 600-900 cal. The lower the better.

I also try to have one decent meal that day like a salad.

I recently realized that I wasn't taking advantage of these cheat days by planning what to eat. I think I need to approach it the same way I do other days to be satisfied by my choices. I had been craving these chewy molasses cookies from TJ's so I started with those today. Here is a break down of todays cheat day:

coffee w/cream 100 cal.
brown sugar candy 100 cal.
package of molasses cookies 1700 cal. (eaten over about 3 hours)
1 personal size pizza (Round Table) 600-700 cal.
4 caramel candies 100 cal.
2 slices of meatloaf w/mashed potato 300 cal.
1 1/2 cup ice cream 500 cal.

Total calories approx. 3500- 3800
I was finished around 4:30 pm

It was so weird ordering a pizza today. I had a choice of Taco Bell, a sandwich from Safeway or pizza ( I was at a debate tournament ). Because of speed I was tempted to go for the Taco Bell, but I haven't eaten fast food for almost 2 years and I decided not to start now. A sandwich is basically the same as a pizza, bread, cheese, processed meat so I went for the pizza. As I was looking at the menu I was surprised that the one I found most appetizing was the veggie. I did have them throw some pepperoni on it though!

Today was a good day.

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