Monday, December 11, 2006

Cooking Class

I've been wanting to share with my friends my excitement about eating more vegetables. I've been talking with them about the changes that I've made and the food that I've been cooking. Not only have I been able to lose weight, but gain health in the process.

My friend Jill was nice enough to host it at her house, and my friends J-me, Karen and Gina joined us. I was happy to expose them to veggies they have not cooked or prepared before, like beets ( and greens ), parsnips and different varieties of kale. We made chicken stock, poached chicken, roasted butternut squash and enjoyed it straight out of the oven as well as turning it into soup. And I showed them a way to use veggies with pasta.

I didn't get to show them half of what I wanted to because we ran out of time. I never got to the salads so that will have to wait for next time. I was so busy I really didn't eat much, of course had to taste everything for seasoning, which worked out well because it was a low-calorie day for me anyway.

I want to thank Jill again for hosting, and all my friends that helped clean up the mess. I know Jill had to prepare her kitchen for the event as well as more clean up after we left!

The anniversary of the original "weight loss bet" is coming up Jan. 5 and 3 of my friends that came on Sunday started that bet with me 2 years ago. All have achieved some successes and some failures and I hope I can help in any way to motivate them again and make this next year a healthier year.

Bikram yoga 8:00
Am weight 130.6

Sunday menu

6-8 coffee w/cream 85 cal.
10:30 coffee w/cocoa 100 cal.
1:00 apple 100 cal.
A little taste of everything 2:00-4:00 350 cal.
5:30 veg soup w/meatloaf 300 cal.
5:45 chocolate sucker 70 cal.
6:00 1/2 apple 50 cal.

Total cal. approx 1055

Sunday was a fun day ( but exhausting )!

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