Sunday, December 17, 2006

Graceful Strength

Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to a KB workshop taught by Senior RKC Steve Cotter in San Carlos. Most of the participents were athletes and personal trainers learning about and using KBs for the first time. I love revisting the mechanics of KB training because I can learn new interpretations and relearn things I forgot. Even though I have seen Mark teach many times I still take advantage when I can to watch and listen again.

Steve's background is Martial Arts in full contact Kung Fu. As soon as I saw him move while demonstrating some drills it was instantly obvious to me the graceful power and strength that martial arts can give a person. Of course he's a exceptional example of this. But it sparked new inspiration.

I studied Tae Kwon Do for about 2 1/2 years and was able to achieve my brown belt before I quit to go back to work full time. I'm not using that as an excuse, I was losing motivation for whatever reason I don't know. I always thought I would earn a black belt and have always keep that in the back of my mind.

Last year when I started taking yoga I also considered going back to Tae Kwon Do. I decided to go with Bikram Yoga because I thought it would be safer for my body at my age while still giving me strength and flexibility. It did that. Bikram Yoga also gave me the repetitious type of exercise that I like.

But after spending the day watching Steve I think I'm going to look into adding a couple of days of karate if I can. I'm really only interested in training forms. Again I love the repetition of praticing routines and patterns.

Because I was in San Carlos on Sat. I did my KB workout on Sunday. Yes, I got a few swings in at the workshop but not nearly enough!

Saturdays Food

Sat. is my cheat day but I knew because the workshop was scheduled from 9am-3pm without a lunch break I would need to bring some food with me. I took some extra coffee w/cream, a large pear and some oatmeal. I did eat 2 pieces of See's candy, that I got from work the night before, around 8am before I left for San Carlos.

I had planned to eat pancakes as part of my cheat day,(I've had pancakes on the brain for about 3 days now!)and thought we could go eat at a coffee shop after the work shop was over.

We didn't leave until almost 4:00, thank goodness I had brought food with me, so most of my pig out was done between 5:00-6:00.

coffee w/cream
See's candy (2 pieces)
3 pancakes w/butter and syrup
bites of Marks food, breakfast quesidilla and pan roasted potatoes
bowl of turkey chili and coleslaw
ice cream w/toppings ( about 4 cups )

Calorie total around 3800 (at least 1500 of it was ice cream)

We stopped in PA at the Pennisula Creamery because I had to have my pancakes! After I ate them I ordered a bowl of chili because they didn't offer any soup that sounded good. I also ordered some lightly dressed coleslaw that I dumped into the chili to add some kind of vegetable into my day. I would of ordered dessert but I knew I had all kinds of ice cream at home and by the time I got there (25 min. drive) I wouldn't be so full.

When I got home I had a big bowl of ice cream and felt pretty happy. But often times after a cheat day I wish I would of eaten more! I forget that most of the time I just can't because I'm so full already. But I ate another bowl of ice cream and that put me over the top for sure. Today I have no regrets! In fact I didn't even get hungry until almost 1:00.

Saturday was a great day.

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