Sunday, December 31, 2006

Weight Issue

Since we are going into a new year I've been hearing and watching programs on the radio and TV talking about weight loss. Now is traditionally the time for people to re-evaluate their own physical situation as far as weight loss and fitness goes. Starting a new year is a good time to ''start over".

One of the things that I hear over and over again is how people describe the problem as a "weight issue". I think it's a "food issue". By calling it a weight issue they are still in denial. As if weight appears through no fault of theirs. Maybe they cop to eating more than they need (duh!), but they claim they don't eat that much. Well I guess they do, how else does it happen?

Weight is not the issue. Food and the way we eat it in this country is the "issue". We are spoiled brats that want to eat as much of what we want when we want. and we want it instantly. It's not enough that we don't have to grow or kill our food, many won't even cook their own food.

And as far as exercise goes. Would it kill you to go for a walk,lol? Would it kill you to swing a kettlebell for 15 stinkin' minutes? I know we are all have busy lives, but many moms have time to chauffeur their kids around to soccer, t-ball, basketball, dance class etc., what about them? If you don't want to exercise just say it. Then take responsibility for it.

The same with eating. If you don't want to change how and what you eat, quit trying to "figure it out", there's no magic involved. Your weight isn't an issue, what you put in you mouth is.

I know I may be over-simplifying. The reasons why we don't change what we eat, or why we don't want to exercise are different for all of us, but please quit complaining and whining, and in the words of Nike "just do it."

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FallenAngel said...

I'm starting over with working out and weight loss. I will be visiting your blog everyday. Thanks for the inspiration.
I'm sure we have different ways of doing thing, but I'm serious this time. I know your blog and story will help me.