Monday, December 25, 2006

Talking Candy

Christmas Eve. day. Should today be the Day? (cheat day) I think I can hold tight until tomorrow. Started out fine. I went to 8:45 yoga, I had some last minute errands to run and then settle in for the evening.

My oven has been broken, so I decided to make some stews and braises. I did a lamb braise with red wine and roasted peppers last night and planned on a pork, chili and corn stew this evening, tomorrow will be split pea and ham soup. Of course I add extra veggies to my servings (ruby red chard w/the lamb and kale with the soup).

I had to go to the Mall last minute after yoga and found myself getting hungry around 11:30, and I didn't even have an apple with me. I felt OK enough to make it home until... I wished I had some xmas cookies (no one gave me any and with my oven not working I couldn't bake any either) and realized the Indian bakery by my house should be open. I haven't been for a long time at least 3 weeks, on purpose!

I didn't buy much, not as much as I normally would. But by the time I got home I heard the pound of See's candy talking to me. I had resisted for days, but now the inner dialogue started.

"Why are you eating something you don't really want? When you really want to eat that candy." "You're just wasting calories if you eat stuff you don't want." "You can control it." "Just eat a few and count them in your day, after all you were really good yesterday." And so on, and so on.

Well after about 1/2 lb. of candy was gone I ate some lamb stew with plenty of extra veggies just to try and work the sugar sickness feeling out. I finished my binge around 1:30pm. I immediately fell asleep for about 1 1/2 hours. Mark is right about the effects of insulin spikes and crashes. The same thing happened to me on Thanksgiving and last week after my pancake and ice cream binge.

I wasn't hungry the rest of the day, and only ate 3 more pieces af talking candy at 6:00. I went for an hour long walk from 5-6pm and decided to go to yoga the next morning.

AM weight 130.2

Sunday Menu

5:30-8:30 coffee w/cream coffee w/cocoa 135 cal.
12:00 5 pieces of pastry 480 cal.
12:30 gingerbread/ pound cake 300 cal.
12:45 16? pieces See's candy 1280 cal.
1:00 cornbread 200 cal.
1:15 Lamb w/veggies 350 cal.
6:00 3 pieces See's candy 240 cal.

Total calories approx. 2985

Sunday didn't quite go as planned, but it was still a good day!

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