Friday, December 15, 2006

Curve Ball

I like routine. I know what to expect, I know how to prepare, I get in a groove. But every once in a while someone thows a curve ball and your whole day gets mixed up. Nothing stresses me out more than being out of control. Things just start to snowball.

Thurs. I had numerous appts. that are not on my normal schedule, and sometimes when that happens and I don't make the time to work around it, I find myself in situations that I have less self control. I know I'm not a victim and ultimately I choose how much control I have but I let myself become weak when I can't plan every single minute.

To make a long story short, I gave into a mini sugar binge. I was at an appt. where I knew they offered cookies. I never take one usually because I don't want one. But Thurs. I walked in and went straight for the cookies. Of course I took 2 because I was feeling stressed and I deserved 2. Right next to the cookie jar was a box of candy. Wow, free candy? How could I resist? I better take 2, because they're free! Then I went back for more cookies, yes cookie-s. I took 3 more and finally talked myself into stopping.

I'm pretty proud for stopping at that point, it could of been alot worse. Oh, did I mention I was eating some candy in the car on my way there?

Anyway, I went to Girya that night and swung my ass off.

AM weight 128.8
5:15 KB clean, press, snatch

Thursday menu

5-8:00am coffee w/cream 65 cal.
8:30 coffee w/cocoa 105 cal.
9:30 oatmeal w/apple and brown sugar 300 cal.
12:00 cabbage salad w/roast turkey, golden raisins and curry dressing 420 cal.
2:30 candy w/nuts 200 cal.
3:00 5 cookies, 2 pieces See's candy 480 cal.
4:30 more candy 50 cal.
7:00 veg soup w/turkey and 2tbl. parm cheese 280 cal.

Total calories 1900

I taught a KB swing class at 6:00 and afterwards I mentioned my mini binge to Anna because I was contemplating not eating my dinner. I still wasn't hungry because of the sugar and didn't know if I should "waste" more calories eating soup. Can you believe that! I was concerned about a measly 250 "good" calories after pigging out on crap! I realized how ridiculous that was and ate my soup. Man, it was good to eat some nutritous food. I felt alot better.

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