Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A New Opportunity

I finally did what I had to do, but was putting off as long as I could. I switched yoga studios. The studio that I formerly practiced at had an unsafe condition they were unwilling to change. The owner insisted on practicing a particular pose on slippery carpet, encouraging untrained students to "build up inner thigh strength" in a very demanding lunge postition. For no other reason except for "that's how Bikram wants it to be done".

Supposedly "Bikram" feels that it disrupts concentration when a student has to turn sideways on the yoga mat (a tool used for the purpose of not slipping). My concentration is not that easily disrupted, but I can not speak for any one else. Since I'm not in the mood for a groin pull, I had to switch when my membership was up.

The former studio was comfortable because I was used to it. I was used to the teachers, the location, the amentities, the class schedule (which I have to admit is awesome). But sometimes we have to do things that are uncomfortable to grow.

I remember when I first started swinging KB's. I hated it. I was still quite a bit overweight and I couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. I was just doing it because I knew I had to do some sort of weight resistance exercise. And Mark insisted that it was the most efficient way to build muscle and burn fat. Boy was he right!

Like I've mentioned before, I like routine. But I'm going to use this opportunity to learn different styles of yoga and add some martial arts training into my schedule. The new studio is literaly 1 block from the Tae Kwon Do studio I trained at for almost 3 years.

9:15 Bikram yoga
AM weight 131.4

Mondays menu

5-11:30am coffee w/cream, coffee w/cocoa 155 cal.
12:00 steel cut oats w/ apple 360 cal.
2:00 butternut squash soup w/veggies and 5oz chicken 370 cal.
2:30 See's butterscotch sucker 70 cal.
5:00 large pear 150 cal.
5:45 risotto w/red cabbage, red kale, 3oz chicken and 1 slice bacon, crumbled 500 cal.

Total calories 1605

I have noticed that my sweet cravings have been much less since adding more carbs into my diet. Although I still prefer not eating too many carbs at my last meal (unlike Monday). I always weigh heavy in the morning when I do.

Monday was a good day.


Jennifer said...

hi tracy....i just wanted to say that your comment about hating KB training in the beginning and finding a new opportunity really hits home. I suck at KB, and therefore I resist it. It's seems so much easier to fall back on the typical weight training that I know and can do comfortably. It's hard to break out of that zone. I need to find my moitivation to embrace KB as a challenge to my body not as a defeat. Jen

Mark Reifkind said...

Jen, If you are getting what you want from traditional weight training, then why change? What are you looking for?

I think you're used to being good at whatever you chose and KB training through you off! I know you can get into the "swing" of things.

You just need more coaching. Also I think you need to be exposed to soome other movements, like the clean, clean squat, clean press, snatch, etc. I think part of the problem might be that you don't quite get the diversity yet. Tracy


Tracy said...

Damn! This signing "in" signing "out" thing really sucks sometimes. Sorry Tracy

Jennifer said...

Yes, you might be right about the diversity. I'm generally frustrated with my situation and what I see as being trapped, but that is such a harsh word, that I don't really mean "trapped". I am toying with the idea of just hiring Mark, one to force a commitment between myself and hubby, someone to hold me accountable, and also for the additional coaching and teaching.