Sunday, December 3, 2006

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Well friday I broke one of my golden rules. I left the house without enough food for the day. I let myself run out of time in the morning and didn't get to make a salad. I took my soup (that was already packed), 2 apples and PNB. I had my coffee w/ cream in the morning. I defended it by thinking I could have a low calorie day, pre-cheat day (Sat.). That way I could go into the cheat day weighing light to make up for the high calories.

At around 5:30, my normal dinner break, I was cruising the candy bowls at work. I was so mad at myself thinking I could be having a nice big salad right now, instead I'm throwing candy down my throat. What a waste. Oh well, lesson learned.

AM weight 130.4
5:30 Bikram yoga


I've been doing my training in the morning lately when Mark and crew are also in the gym. I wanted to give them space so I am changing my time to the afternoon. All summer I trained at 1:00-2:00, it helped my work off my "bake sale" binges! I also decided to go to yoga first.

8:00 bikram yoga

1:00 KB

Since trying the high pulls on Tues. w/26lb. I realized that weight was too light for me. So I added HP's into my swing combo day w/36lbs. (See video of high pull, transfer 1 min. set)

Warm up 40 2 hand swing 1 min. on one 1 min. off x 5 sets
Total time 10 min.

#1 10 L, 10 R, 10L, 10 R, 10 L, 10 R, 1.5 min on 1 min. off

#2 20 L, 20 R, 20 L, 20 R 2 min. on 1 min. off

#3 High pull, transfer 18 reps (9 L, 9R) w/36lb. 1min. on 1 min. off (see video)

I repeated these 3 exercises in the same order 5 times. Total time for set #'s 1,2,3 was 7.5 min.
7.5 min x 5 = 37.5 min. total

30 1 hand swing L, 30 R, 1.5 min. on 1 min. off x 2 sets
Total 5 min.

40 2 hand swing w/36lb., 1 min, on 1 x 5 sets
Total 10 min.

Total WO time 62.5 min. 1360 reps approx.

Saturday Cheat Day 5am-5pm
AM weight 13.0

coffee w/ cream (of course)
candy, more candy
coconut/ PNB
mexican pastry
veg soup

Started to think again about how I'm going to kick this "sugar thing".

Sunday/Low calorie day

4am-5am coffee w/cream 75 cal.
9:30 apple salad w/2oz. chicken, 1tbl. dried cranberries 250 cal.
12:30 10 prunes, 10 almonds 300 cal.
2:00 coffee w/cream 70 cal.
3:30 3 cups veg. soup w/3.5oz. chicken, 1/2 c. brown rice 250 cal.
Total calories 945

5:00 45 min. walk

All in all, this was a good weekend.

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