Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Twice the Veggies, 1/2 the Pasta

Spaghetti w/Roasted Tomato, Arugula and Goat Cheese

Here is a plate of pasta on top of additional greens....I always add more veggies whenever possible. The main reason is to add more volume of food, but it also increases nutrition that much more.

I found some Golden Roma tomatoes at the farmers market, I had never seen them before, so I roasted them, along with some red Romas, at a low temp all day (225 degrees for 6-8 hours). Drizzle w/olive oil, S&P, I sprinkled a little sugar on them because I knew I was going to use them with arugula (an assertive green), you can also use fresh or dried herbs...I was out of thyme, I didn't use any.

Here are the ingredients for my pasta, (notice I only use 1/2 box of pasta, this makes 2-3 servings, if making this for 4-6 use a whole box of spaghetti, 16 oz., and double the goat cheese)

Roasted tomatoes, with the oil they were roasted with (1/2 sheet pan, pulsed through the processer)
8 oz. spaghetti
1 bunch arugula, washed twice
2-3 oz good quality goat cheese
roasted garlic (because I had it, optional)

While pasta was boiling, I heated up a skillet w/tomatoes (and oil), added arugula and turned off heat. When pasta was done, (save some pasta water to thin sauce), I added hot pasta to pan, toss to wilt greens and coat with tomato/olive oil. Add goat cheese, using hot pasta water to thin sauce if needed. I plated one serving on top of additional greens.

This serving went into a container after the picture was taken and will be part of my "all day lunch". If you don't like the strong flavor of arugula use spinach instead.

The next pasta dish will be similar, using the rest of the roasted tomatoes, broccoli rape, one italian sausage link (crumbled), and parmesean. Broccoli rape is a very strong flavor, so I "cut" the flavor by adding, my favorite with that veggie, italian sausage, but not too much!

I'll add the broccoli rape to the boiling pasta 5 min, before the pasta is done and drain it all together. I'll then add it to the crumbled, cooked, sausage and tomatoes, maybe some red pepper flakes, (in a lg skillet), and toss with parm.


My weight has been up slightly after getting back from my trip (129 lb.), three days of deserts will do that to you! But, today I'll be at work all day and my food will be perfect. Time to get back to journaling more seriously.

Life is stinkin' great!


Franz Snideman said...

Wow, that looks great! So cool that you take the time and put so much love into your cooking and of course your training!

fawn said...

I LOVE bitter greens, yum! Arugula is one of my favorites, I also love radicchio and endives! Plus, bitter greens are good for your liver and kidneys. We are going to get along great in the kitchen.

fawn said...

However, broccoli rape is the part of the broccoli that is for cows and goats... sorry Tracy.

Kori Bliffert, NASM-CPT said...

Tracy that looks amazing! I love it that you are showing you don't need to eat plain chicken breast and steamed broccoli everyday to eat clean. There are so many options!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I never claimed to be the "ex-professional cook". lol. I'm just a "former fat girl", that didn't learn to cook until my mid thirties, trying to do the best I can!

I love grilled radicchio, I'll have to get some soon, since I've been grilling my ass off lately!

Tracy Reifkind said...


EXACTLY!!!! Thank you for "getting" that point.

I'm always amazed at the "Oh, I only eat chicken breast and broccoli" (said in an innocent tone!) What's up with that??? So wonder people have a hard time getting healthy.

I know I'm spoiled living where I live as far as the produce that's available all year round,(in fact I just got back from Denver and was dissappointed in the quality of veggies at Whole Foods there), but I eat way more creatively than chicken breast and broccoli, even in the dead of winter, you'll see!