Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday, Clean, Press. Squat, 8kg's, 12kg's & 16kg

10:30am KB

Warm up

5 sets of 40 rep/ 2 hand & 1 hand swings, 1 min. on 1 min. rest = 10 min.

Work set combos

#1 w/2 8kg's
dbl snatch/neg press, dbl cl, press, dbl cl, squat, repeat x 10, 2 min on
1 min rest

#2 w/2 12kg's
dbl cl, press, dbl cl, squat x 7, 1 min on
1 min. rest

#3 w/1 16kg
cl,/press L, trans, cl/press R, trans, cl/squat L, trans, cl/squatR, trans, repeat for 1 min. on,
1 min rest (I got 2 full rotations + the presses one more time)

I rotated these 3 combos in this order 5 times. All three took 7 min. x 5 = 35 min.

40 trans, 1 min on,
30 sec. rest
40 2 hand swings, 1 min on,
30 sec. rest

I alternated these 2 sets 5 x each = 15 min.

Total workout 60 min.

I would have added another 10 min. of swings, but I knew I would be swinging with clients later in the afternoon.

In fact, I used the 6kg at Girya to do my demos and got a super little workout, even though the weight was so light! Just goes to show, different weights offer different variables...all good!

Life is great, I'm off to Santa Cruz (with all of my food packed for the day, of course!)

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