Monday, September 17, 2007

Max Vo2 the Original Version

This is the original protocol from Kenneth Jay,36 seconds on 36 second off.Tracy is doing 20 reps per 36 sec cycle. Four sets in.This TOUGH.

Sets 11 through 16

This workout sucked! I just couldn't get a groove. I had a bowl of Grapenuts around 10:45 and I think this 1:15pm workout time is kicking my ass! The 36 sec. on 36 sec. rest was dreadful...especially after such a hard and heavy snatch workout on Saturday. Time to change my "heavy snatch day".

1:15 KB Max Vo2 w/12kg

Misc warm up 8 min.

16 sets,(8 sets L, 8 sets R), 20 snatch per 36 sec on, 36 sec rest = 19.2 min.

The rest of the workout w/12kg

4 sets of 5 min swings, 200 reps per set, 2 min rest = 28 min.
2 sets of 3 min swings, 120 reps per set, 2 min rest = 8 min.

Total swing time 36 min.
Total workout 65 min. approx.

I spent most of last week @129.2-130.8lbs., and woke up this morning to 131.0!!! I'm eating more than I need to, so time to get it back under control. I've been craving sugar, SERIOUSLY, lately. I get caught up in trying to cut my carbs too low...time to re-evaluate.

I've decided to add in an additional 10 min to my KB workouts in the form of swings, just to see if it changes my body composition. My bodyfat is still around 19%, which is great, it looks good, but secrectly I miss 17%.

The best thing that happened to me today;

I was getting my car smogged and the technician asked, "You work out don't you? I can tell you work, your biceps just pop out!"

My life is good and I look strong!


Mark Reifkind said...


I do work til 12:30 today. forgot about Tony.we can switch parking when I'm done.
luv ya

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

OMG. Another level of hell. Of course I am going to give it a go! Looks crazy, that's for sure. Nice work, the both of you.

Tracy said...


I freakin' dare you!! Let me know how it goes...I like how you put it though...another level of hell!