Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tracy's all day lunch #4 and 30 minutes of swings before work

Top left to right

Kale soup w/spaghetti squash and black beans 300 cal.

anchovy dressing 200 cal.

tomatoes, for salad 100 cal.

Peet's coffee w/cream 20 cal.

chinese long beans and chicken thigh, for salad 250 cal.

yogurt 250 cal.

celery and carrot sticks w/raisins and prunes 200 cal.

Total calories 1320

Add morning coffee w/cream 80 cal. and 4 Bit O'Honey candies 100 cal. = 1500

7:00am KB

I did a 30 min workout, basically, two, 2 min sets w/ 1 min rest inbetween and then two 1 min sets (with a heavier weight, same combination as the previous 2) and 30 sec rest in between, alternating all 4 sets in the same order x 3 rotations, ending with one of sets #1.


Christine said...

I've been curious, how do you figure calories for recipes you create?

Tracy Reifkind said...


I count the calories per ingredient and then divide by # of servings.

I generalize more now than ever, for instance, it's hard to count "vegetable" calories, so I usually just count them as 100 cal. per meal.

But it's easy to count proteins, fats and carbs.

Yoana Teran Snideman said...
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Yoana Teran Snideman said...

Wow!!! Every thing looks great!!!!

When are we invited to go there? :)

Shana Tova guys!!!!

All the best!

Franz & Yoana