Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Max Vo2....sort of

OK, if you're willing to follow along.....

The plan.....to stay with the 36 sec. on 36 sec. rest / 20 reps per. The problem....I couldn't get the Gymboss to work. The plan....I thought Mark said the goal was 40 sets (20 L, 20 R)....the real goal was 20 sets, (10 L, 10 R).

Since I couldn't get the Gymboss to work, I decided, to keep it easy, to snatch 20 reps in 35 sec. and then only take 25 sec rest...that made it 1 min. total...easy, right? Well, this worked for the first 20 sets (10 L, 10 R), at this point had I known I was done...but....I dropped the reps down to 18 per 30 sec. w/30 sec. rest, for 6 sets (3 L, 3 R), and then down to 16 reps per 30 sec for 4 sets (2 L, 2 R), for a total of 10 more sets....now I'm up to 30 sets = 30 min. of snatching!

The 16 rep sets were basically my 8 rep per 15 sec Max Vo2 pace.

I then, shooting foolishly for my "40 sets" went back to the 8 rep / 15 sec on / 15 sec rest max Vo2 for another 10 sets (10 L, 10 R).

For a total of 732 snatches w/ 12kg and 40 minutes of snatching!

10:30 am KB Max Vo2

Warm up 5-6 minutes, misc. swings/snatches

Work sets / snatches w/12kg

35 sec. on, 20 reps
25 sec rest
x 20 sets = 20 min.

30 sec. on, 18 reps
30 sec. rest
x 6 sets = 6 min.

30 sec. on, 16 reps
30 sec rest
x 4 sets = 4 min.

15 sec on, 8 reps
15 sec. rest
x 20 sets = 10 min.

2 1/2 min. on, 1 min rest, swing combo w/14kg

10 L/10 R, 10 L/10R, 20 trans, 10 L/10 R, 10 L/10 R = 100 rep set x 6 sets = 22 1/2 min. ( 600 swings )

Total workout 68 minutes

I think I'm burned out with snatching, LOL


Royce said...

Seriously Tracy where do you keep your extra cyborg parts at?

Tracy said...


I admit, when it comes to snatches, I'm finally drained! At least for a week. lol.

fawn said...

OMG... Tracy, you are too much!

Tracy said...


All this from a woman that swings with the 20kg?????

You know that's my next workout...right?

Christine Petty said...

... wtf? Seven HUNDRED snatches? SEVEN HUNDRED? .....

Tracy said...

I guess 600 f-ing swings AFTER over 700 snatches just doesn't impress anyone anymore, LOL

Christine Petty said...

Well clearly you have raised the bar here. We're just not as impressed because it's like "there's Tracy doing something humanly impossible... again"


Tracy said...


I am not doing anything special, I'm just putting in my time consistently. Many, many women, (and men), can do what I'm doing.

In fact, the more personal training/teaching that I do I'm convinced that soon I'll have a large number of people doing exactly the type of training I do...and reaping the benefits!