Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tracy's All Day Lunch 9/19

Wednesday Menu (from L to R)

tomatoes w/ceaser dressing 100, 200 cal.
spinach, hard boiled egg (2 whole, 1 white) 160 cal., 2 tbl. parm cheese 60 cal.
veg soup, 100 cal., w/black beans, 80 cal., chicken thigh, 200 cal.
Grape nuts (1/2 c.) 200 cal., 3/4c. milk (2%) 100 cal.
Peet's coffe w/ cream 35 cal.
honey dew melon (1/2) 250 cal.
carrot sticks 20 cal., raisins 130 cal. (1/4 c.)

Total calories 1455

Add in morning coffe w/cream 60 cal., and 4 Bit O'Honey candies 80 cal., and when I got home, @9pm, I ate a few almond and 3 triscut crackers 100 cal. Total 1705

AM weight 129.2

I actually took the whole day off from any exercise....I can't remember when I did that! I really needed to force myself to take a break, recover, and spend the morning writing my last post and making my lunch, both things took priority.

I think I've decided to skip my "heavy" snatch workout on Sat. for a heavy 2 hand swing day. My thinking is that I'm going to try the 36 sec on/rest Max Vo2 workout again this Monday...except earlier in the day....and I'll be training alone, Marks at work.

Part of the problem with last Monday's Vo2 was that I was fried from the 20kg snatches the previous workout. So I'll skip the additional snatch workout, and give it another go on Monday!


Happiness Within said...


Thanks again for sharing your colorful lunch. Yes, it is very important to take rest days. I wonder if your tendency to not take rest days is due to feeling that one rest day will turn to 2-4-8...What do you think?


Tracy Reifkind said...


No! I know's because I'm obbsessive, lol. I would workout three times a day if I could...I mean, I can, but rest and recovery are important and working out 3 times a day isn't really healthy either...mentally or physically.

Mentally, you have to ask yourself....why? I'm not training for competition, what then would be the purpose?

Physically, how lean, how muscular, how strong, does a woman of my age need to be? At a certain point there is a thing called over-training.

Really, the only thing I would change in my current workout schedule would be, if Mark would let me go, I would go to yoga a minimum of 5 days a week. Add that to my 3-4 KB days, and 3-4 hour long walks, and it would be perfect IMO.