Friday, April 27, 2007

More Pics from the Cert

Trying to get some sun on my feet, but I wore a jacket all day to keep it off of my chest andarms! (I need to crop this photo, but I don't know how!) The weather is perfect and I had an incredibly good "hair day"

Finally, some attention from my husband!

I took these 2 photos mainly to show what kettlebell training can do for a womans arms! I'm not the only one with great guns!
Part of my team, the first 2 gentlemen are assistant Mark Toomey and team leader Geoff Neupert.

More update coming soon. Right now Mark just left to go to dinner with Pavel and the other Seniors/Team Leaders, and I chose to stay in and order room service.

I just looked at the room service menu, yuck!!


Christine Petty said...

Awesome. L-O-V-E that red jacket.

Tracy said...

Christine, Lovin' the fridge, and the mic is great to heat up coffee! By the way, we did the smartest thing ever, and brought a 1/2 lb. of Peet's coffee with us. I used a paper towel for a filter!

And that jacket is my favorite shade of red, I got it 50% off at the Fila store the day before I left! So, thanks.