Thursday, April 12, 2007

Now I'm Cooking!

For the first time in a long time I did not train KB's for 2 days straight. After Mondays workout I literally "cooked" my shoulders and arms! I could barely lift my arms in yoga. Those 16kg snatches ( in addition to 12kgs) got me! So I knew now was the time to recover.

My LBM is up from last week, so is my weight. And because of that I'm definitely feeling "beefy". I like that. I've been eating more calories daily, but my "cheat day" is starting to get out of control. I mean I'm starting to let my cheat day get out of control. For the last 2 days I find myself actually already thinking about what (and how much)I'm going eat on Sat.. Usually I don't even think about it until the day comes. So I need to change that , I mean I'm going to change that.

Sat. is my youngest sons 18th birthday, so that mean birthday cake! OK, I'm not even going to think about it any more, no point.

My shoulders are still a little sore but I'll be doing, my favorite these days, double presses this morning.


Christine said...

18! I had a hard time when my oldest turned 11 in November.... I can't even fathom my youngest being 18! Of course, she still thinks pooping on the floor is hilarious, so we have quite a ways to go.

Lauren Brooks said...

I understand about thinking about the food ahead of time. That's why I have aloud myself just a cheat meal. So that way if I have a craving that is out of control, I can allow myself a second or third cheat throughout the week. But sometimes that doesn't work for people. It's worked wonderful for me!

That will be a fun birthday for you and your son. It is your birthday too since you did all the work getting him here. 8-)

Fallen Angel said...

I started my workout and nutrition program on Easter. I am down the 3 pounds I wanted to lose! I have done 2 workouts so far with that little kettlebell. They were actually fun. Yesterday I did 60 swings. Royce said this is good.

I hope you didn't take the "older" comment the wrong way. It was a compliment. You all look so much better than me. It lets me know I can look as good as all of you 3 if I decide to.

My first cheat day is tomorrow. I already am having anxiety about it.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Christine, Pooping on the floor????
I know Gabe would kill me for telling you this, but he pooped in a diaper until the 1st grade! He peed on his own when he was 14 months,(he was walking just after 8 mnths, I swear), but enough "boring" child stories,(those are #4 on my list of boring converstions, followed by pets!).

Tracy Reifkind said...

Lauren, I've thought about a cheat meal lately, but my particular problem is that I can't trust myself to stop once I start. For instance, I can't just eat 2 cookies, or a small bowl of ice cream. That's why a whole "cheat day" has worked for me.

The other problem I have is that cheat foods are so calorie dense, and I'm a calorie counter, that it hikes my total daily calories up too high.

But, like I've said before, dieting is an evolution, and it's all about making adjustments when something stops working for you. I always take ideas for change as future possibilities.

Thanks for sharing your ideas, you look great!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Barb, Feeling good and healthy prepetuates wanting to feel better and healthier!

I can't wait for you to swing the 12kg!

I was joking about the "older" thing, that doesn't bother me at all. I'm just thrilled to look as good as I think I do at my age. And just think I didn't even start this transformation until I was 41!

Also, remember that the problem we all have with food, is not the "food", but the anxiety around food. So give up any fear or guilt, relax, and follow up with a low calories the next day.

And like I just mentioned to Lauren, pay attention to whether or not this method will work for you. We all have to find our own dieting style.

Nice to hear from you!!

Lauren Brooks said...


You are absolutely right! That is exactly why cheat meals don't work for some people. Because many people do not know how to control themselves once they begin. But another strategy I have used with people is what's called an "hour to devour". That way instead of having a whole day to cheat, which can add up to tons and tons of calories, you get that one hour. You may be able to fit just as many, but some find it easier to get right back on track.

Just another idea. But if the day cheat is working, then that is awesome! Thanks as well for the compliment. I do appreciate it. And you look wonerful as well.

Mark Reifkind said...


Just pray Gabe does not read these comments!