Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pizza Night at the Reifkinds

I've been jonesing for a pizza since my accident on Monday. So when I planned out my weekend training, I decided to take my cheat day on Sat. and getting up early to swing heavy Sunday morning.

Looking at the choices for pizza toppings, nothing seemed appealing to me, none of the choices had enough fresh ingredients. So I decided to make my own! (toppings). Now, I know I've reached a new level! I ordered a large cheese pizza and then after it came I added my own toppings. Here's what I did with veggies and leftover chicken I had in the fridge;

quickly stirfried veggies in hot, hot pan, w/ 1 tbl. olive oil, only 7-8 min., to keep some crispness and bright color in the veggies;

1 small red onion, sliced
1 yellow bell, thinly sliced
1 red bell, thinly sliced
6 stalks of asparagus, snapped in half and top half cut in diagnol 1/4 inch slices
about 6oz. grilled chicken thigh meat, diced (leftover from the week)
seansoned with/red pepper flakes, S & P

I layered thinly sliced tomato and pineapple over the top of the cheese pizza, and then poured all of the hot, cooked veggies over that and added additional parmesean cheese to the top. I put it in the oven for about 10 min.

Perfect! Tons of fresh veggies and my pizza fix!

Saturday AM weight 124.6
8:45 Bikram yoga

Menu (high calorie day)

coffee w/cream
prunes/PNB (7:30am)
oats/milk (1:30)
pizza (maybe 1/2?)
cinna sticks (Dominos)
ice cream (lots)

Total calories, probably 3800-4000! I really ate up, but I was finished around 4:00pm.

I'll be swinging this morning, working with all of those calories from yesterday! I feel good and strong and hope to post some video later this morning. My AM weight on Sun. is 126.8, perfect!

Friday AM weight 125.0
1 mile walk and 20 min swings w/client


coffee/cream 60 cal.
prunes/PNB 220 cal.
coffee w/cream 70 cal.
oats/milk/almonds 275 cal.
grilled salmon, 6oz. 300 cal.
grilled asparagus 100 cal
coleslaw (cabbage, red and green, carrot, celery) w/lemon dill dressing 100 cal.
"leftover" soup 520 cal. (pasta 200cal., chicken 200 cal., squash 120 cal., spinach)

Total calories 1715

I add some chicken stock to whatever combination of "leftovers" are in the fridge to make a big bowl of soup. Why is it that when you're dieting you can throw all kinds of crap together and it tastes good?


leslie said...

That sounds fabulous! What a great way to get exactly what you want. Hooray for thinking outside the (pizza) box!

Tracy said...

I loved it! Yes, it took a little time. I preped all of the veggies while I was waiting for delivery, so I was ready to go when it got here.

There are definitely benefits to always having lots of fresh veggies around!

Royce said...

My mom uses a modified bread dough and makes her own pizza. Or rather she used to before she became diabetic. Tasted completely unique, man do I miss it.

magawisca said...


I have been reading your blog and I noticed your consistent cheat days. Am I right to see this as part of the warrior diet, this cycle of low cal/high cal, light morning eating? Although your success is undeniable, I have a deep fear of "high calorie" days as I launch my new effort to lose fat while getting fit. Wil I get the same results by maintainng only lower calorie days? Your response will be greatly appreciated!

Tracy said...


click on these 2 previous posts and that should answer alot of your questions. If you need any more questions answered, I'll be happy to reply.

I have adopted more of a "Warrior" style lately, but my main beleif, when it comes to dieting, is that if what you're doing stops working, then change it! I've changed my dieting "style" many times. But the one constant is calorie counting. What types of foods, what time of day, etc., has changed many times.

If you have the time, you obviously have the interest, there are many, many posts about my diet that I think have good information, you just have to go back and read them.

Thank you, thank you for your kind words, it gives me the encouragement to keep my blog current. It's a big commitment!


Tracy said...

Royce, I barely remember doing that same thing back in the day!

Frozen bread dough, maybe Kingman's? Or something like that. Excellent idea! I know you can buy pizza dough at Trader Joes. Maybe I'll try it again, it can't be any worse than Dominos!

magawisca said...


I'll go have a look. Thanks.

magawisca said...

Its funny, I read the evolution post previously but guess I didn't really READ it. powerful stuff. Both post hits on some of my (& many of my friends') issues w/ food, guilt and the desire to put that guilt where it belongs--in the trash heap. how amazing is it that with so many in our world longing for just one meal, we struggle w/ abundance.

i'll keep reading....