Saturday, April 28, 2007

Slight Panic

I'm going through serious workout withdrawl. Combine that with moments of food "panic" and things are a little shaky right now. I'm having a great time, but not being able to control my workouts (or lack of) and food exactly, is messing with me, just a little.

I was able to walk back to the hotel, instead of taking the shuttle (about 2 miles) last night, and I did get to participate in Geoff Neuperts' drill for 10 min., so not all is bad. I plan to test the 10 min. snatch this morning, and get a workout in at lunch time.

Geoff's Drill
2 hand swings , I used the 20kg, 16kg, 12kg (he had the women use 16,12,8). All sets done in "I go, you go" fashion.

#1 set, 10 w/20kg, 15 w/16kg, 20 w/12kg (45 reps)
#2 set 15 w/20kg, 20w/16kg, 25 w/12kg (60 reps)
#3set 20 w/20kg, 25 w/16kg, 30 w/12kg (75reps)

I'm actually surprised about how much I depend on my scale. This is very uncomfortable. I fantasized about putting it in my suitcase next time I go on a trip!

I had my usual coffee w/cream in the morning and didn't eat until lunch (time ?), even though I wasn't really hungry. I took snacks with me, but only ate about 3 prunes and and apple until I got back to the hotel at 7:45.

Room service didn't pick up the stinkin' phone, so I had to walk down to the resturant, but before I did that I stopped by the "hospitality room" (we are staying in the room next to it) and guess what? Free snacks! Even though I had plenty in my own room, I had to take the free food! At least I resisted the huge bowl of peanut M&M's, but the almonds were still there and some trail mix with fruits/nuts and coconut, which I helped myself to, because at this point I'm panicked and I know by the time I order my dinner, and get it, it'll be 9:00.

I was already in my PJ's, so I had to get dressed again, and the menu of food sucked, so I knew I wasn't even going to get to eat anything good. At this time I turn into a total bitch, and get cranky and that just feeds on itself. Long story, short, today's a new day, the extra calories consumed with come in handy for my workout today, I've got a great cup of coffee right now and life is good.

I promise my next post will be filled with positivity! Of course Mark reminds me that these situations are part of what and why you 'train".


magawisca said...


You look awesome. I didn't think this post was negative at all. You are where you are because you have established a set of daily goals. Just work it all off. You know how to do it. I too am a sucker for free food. Not sure what that's about....

Christine said...

Hospitality rooms suck when you're away. I was recently in VA Beach for a conference and it was all you could eat pizza, wings, and chinese food. Oy!

Lauren Brooks said...

I remember how hard it was not to work out when I was there in October as an assistant. I was 6 months pregnant and still going crazy by watching everyone else workout. So I would pick up a kettlebell every now and then and do some swings. But hang in there, you'll get your workout!

Is the 10 minute snatch test required now for assistants? Or is this something you want to do instead of the 60 snatches that have to be done in order to continue your certification?

Tracy Reifkind said...

oge, Mark said the same thing, "you know how to work it off, relax!" Nothing like being a killjoy!

I can't wait to get home though.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Christine, OMG, that's rough!

I had to go back tonight for the stinkin' M&M's, it was the damn beer at dinner. I thought why should I pay for a cheesecake when, nextdoor, I can get free candy????

I mixed them with the nuts and dried fruit to make trail mix, and lots of it!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Lauren, The 10 min. snatch is not any type of requirement. I just wanted to attempt it and I thought it would be fun to do here at the cert. As it turned out I didn't feel strong enough to do it after sitting and standing in the sun all day. So it's postponed for now.

As far as participating, yesterday I was jealous, but half way through today I was glad I was just an assitant! It's much tougher than my cert last year (long story).