Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back to basic swings. Going up in weight.

Decided it was time to start swinging the 36lb. more often, the 26 just seems too easy. The differences were apparent right away. The handle is bigger on the 36 and my grip wasn't strong enough to swing aggressively, so I couldn't get enough speed on the bell to get my heartrate above 155, even though I did timed sets of 1 min. on 1 min. rest for 60 min.

Swinging the 36 for an entire workout is new, like starting from day one. I decided to go back to very basic swing combos. These are an example of combos I would give to a beginner (with appropriate weight of course). Here's what I did:

2:00 KB

Warm up

40 2 hand swings w/26 1 min. on 1 min. rest x 5 sets = 10 min.

Work sets

10 trans., 10 1 swing 1 trans. (5 L, 5 R), 5L, 5 R ,1 hand swing, 1 min on 1 min. rest (40 reps)
x 10 sets = 20 min. (see video)

#2 (reverse order)
5 L, 5 R, 1 hand swing, 10 1 swing, 1 trans. (5 L, 5 R), 10 trans., 1 min. on 1 min rest (40 reps)
x 10 sets = 20 min.

40 2 hand swings w/36 1 min on 1 min, rest x 5 sets = 10 min.

bottoms up swing, 10 L, 10 R, 10 L, 10 R, 2 min. on 1 min. rest x 2 sets = 5 min.

Total WO time 65min.

I did not alternate sets I just did them all before moving on to the next combo.

7:30 2.5 mile walk
8:45 Bikram yoga
AM weight 128.0

Sat. cheat day

coffee w/cream
ginger cookies
PNB and prunes
ice cream
broccoli salad w/ tuna

I think my calories were under 3500.

PS My neighbor (a professional chef) just brought over warm pannecotta bread pudding w/dark chocolate sauce, 300 cal.


Anonymous said...

YOU are the swing queen!

You wouldn't think bumping up to the 16kilo would be much different than the 12kg bell...but I think that with every bell and am always surprised!

Nice work Tracy. I love, love, love your blog!!

Catherine Imes said...

Glad to see you pulling the heavier weight! Nice work.


Tracy said...

You all don't know how happy you make me with your comments. I'm almost getting a little teary (O.K. I'm being a girl now!)

After what I've been through these last 2 years I'm still amazed at the possibilities!

I'm motivated to eat even better, to get even stronger and hopefully by sharing my energy make a difference for others.

Thanks for sharing your energy with me, I need it.