Saturday, January 27, 2007

A New Respect

I still hate my new yoga! I hate it because I'm not good at it. I have a brand new respect for the strength and balance that goes into those poses. When I'm trying to get into some of the poses I can feel my whole mid-section tremble, trying to find the strength to balance. But I'm determined to keep it up. I'm determined to conquer this new challenge, because I know I need the benefits it can give me.

I'm so reminded of when I started my KB workouts. I hated them too. It was hard and uncomfortable. But thank goodness I stuck with it. I wouldn't even be doing yoga right now if I had not gotten in such great shape using KBs.

So I've decided to use KBs to help me get stronger for yoga. I've not been doing any windmills or TGU's so I'll be adding those exercises at least one day a week.

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Fallen Angel said...

I wrote to you on my blog, in the comments. I am glad that you come to by blog - thanks for all the comments. I just hope I can look as great as you do someday.