Thursday, January 11, 2007

Supersize Diet!

Last week I saw a client I hadn't seen for over two years. After seeing that I had obviously lost alot of weight she asked me what I had done. I didn't have time to get into the whole story so I gave her our website and she checked it out. She quickly called me and said " I can't believe that you and your husband are into KBs. My daughter was just certified last June! She works at San Jose State in the athletic dept. working with KBs and the football team! No one (else) knows what KBs are!"

Yesterday we finally had time to sit down and talk. She is a little older than me, but unlike me she has never been overweight. But she doesn't exercise and feels as if it has finally caught up with her. After reading my blog and seeing me train on video she became more motivated to do something about it. Her daughter started her out on a beginning routine of cardio and trational weight resistance exercises, not exactly what I would of done but everyone has to start somewhere.

Something else she mentioned in our conversation that I feel needs to be addressed was when the subject of my diet came up she said, " I've read your food journal and you don't eat very much, a bowl of soup, a salad, that isn't very much food." I happened to have all of my food right there in my lunch bag (shopping bag size) and quickly showed her exactly what I was eating that day.

As I mentioned before I like to feel full (very full), so I've become a master at what I call volumizing food! If I could write a diet book it would probably be called "Supersize Diet!" My bowl of soup probably weighs 1 1/2 pounds! When I make soup I usually make 2 serving at a time (2 Tracy size servings). I start out with 4 cups of chiken stock to which I add;

1 large onion, diced
2 large carrots, diced
2 celery stalks, diced
1/2 head green cabbage, large shred
1 large parsnip, diced
1 bunch kale including stems (stems seperated and diced, leaves rough chop)

All veggies are sauteed in 2 tbl. olive oil/butter first. And that's just the base to which I add my protein (chicken 4-6oz., meatballs, sausage, lamb, etc.) and if calories allow a carb (1/2-1 cup of brown rice, barley, pasta, etc.). My salads are equally large. So I eat alot of food!

AM weight 128.0
9:00 Bikram yoga

Wed. menu

coffee w/cream, coffee w/cocoa 155 cal.
1 large pear 120 cal.
2 prunes 40 cal.
large cabbage salad w/chutney dressing, 4 oz chicken, raisins 450 cal.
coffee/esspresso w/1/2c. 1/2&1/2 70 cal.
large veg soup w/lamb (5-6oz.) and extra chard 400 cal.

Total calories 1335

Lots of food on Wed. but not alot of calories, I'll eat more today. Maybe I'll have some ice cream!

Wed. was a good day.

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