Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sun., Mon. Food Journal


AM weight 127.8
9:15 bikram yoga (new studio, not enough heat, barely broke a sweat!)
2:00 3 mile walk

Mon. menu

4:30-8:30 coffee w/cream, cocoa 205 cal.
1:00 1/2 c. vanilla yogurt 100 cal.
1:15 broccoli salad w/tuna, cranberries 360 cal.
3:00 prunes 100 cal.
3:30 apple 120 cal.
5:00 pumkin, parsnip and carrot soup w/kale, 2 tbl. parm cheese and 4oz. chicken 480 cal.
6:00 5 triscut crackers 100 cal.

Total calories 1465


AM weight 130.8
No exercise

Sun. menu (low calorie day)

4-6:00am coffee w/cream 85 cal.
10:00 apple 120 cal.
1:30 prunes 120 cal.
3:00 veg soup w/3oz chicken 250 cal.
5:30 apple 100 cal.
7:00 tea w/honey 20 cal.

Total calories 700 cal.

I'm headed off to yoga this morning (Tues.) before my KB workout. Can't wait to get to KB's after such a dissappointing workout on Sat. I took yesterday off from KB's because my right hamstring and glute were sore from the heavier weight on Sat. It's also the side I tend to overstretch in yoga. Hope to have more video up this afternoon.

Life is good!


Anonymous said...

woah, that really is a low calorie day! I'd probably pass out or be too mean to tolerate on that amount of food. :)

Tracy said...

That's because your skinny! LOL
It's not ususlly a problem because I still feel the affects of the high calories from the day before. I don't even get hungry until the afternoon.

I'm guessing, but I bet you've never eaten 4000 calories in a day. At my heaviest a meal from McDonald's would consist of; 3 regular hambugers, french fries (small)and 6 chocolate chip cookies (they're 3 for $1!), with a bottled water to save calories! And that was just lunch! I think that's about 1600 alone. I can put the food down!