Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My KB Style

I can't believe it hasn't even been a year since I became certified to teach KB's last April in Minnesota. It was so exciting for me to learn all the mechanics. I had already showed some of my friends how to swing prior to going to the cert., but afterward I had more confidence in my ability to teach.

We all have our own personal style of teaching. I am the first one to admit that I do not have a mind for the scientific side of training, nutrition or the body. Living with, and being married to, someone of Mark's caliber I see the talent of what a true expert personal trainer/coach must have. I read his blog daily, along with other talented KB trainers' blogs, to gain further knowledge of the mechanics of training the body and the personal journeys that go along with that.

I have a more intuitive mind. More of a "common sense" approach, especially when it comes to dieting. And my training also reflects that. Since I'm not a competitive athlete I have the luxury of changing my routines often, mostly every workout! But that doesn't mean that I don't push myself. I am interested in the most "bang for my buck" that's why nothing beats KB training. I have always trained on my own. Mark taught me the movements and all of my routines come from my own head.

When I go into the gym (the garage!), I think of my training in terms of progressions (I got that from Mark, I mean Rif, lol). My mind seems to work mathematically and in patterns. I have an idea of a combination starting point, it's usually a warm up to a more difficult combinations in terms of weight, exercise, and/or repitition. As I add different combinations I feel for level of difficulty. I want to make it as hard as I can, progressively, to maximize my effort.

Sometimes I put together up to 4 combinations and alternate them and sometimes as little as 2, alternated. Sometimes I don't alternate them and I'll do all of the same combination sets in a row before switching to another combination.

Some of my most difficult sets are what I consider "boredom" sets! These are sets of the same movement, no combination, in a row, rep after rep after rep. This is when I challenge my mind get tough and "just do it".

My style of KB training has worked unbelievalbly well for me, both physically and mentally. And now I can see that with a "little tweeking here and a little tweeking there" I can continue to change and evolve my training goals. I can get stronger, leaner, better.

Just like my training, I never really know what I'm going to write about on this blog until I start writing. Sara Cheatham wrote some awesome technical posts on her blog about the mechanical details of KB training (Thank you Sara!). Her style, my style, and a kettlebell, take what you need.

Life is good!


Charley Allen said...

Your story in "taking control" is quite inspirational and heartwarming. It is amazing what we can do with these little cannonballs with handles. I also am amazed at your creativity in putting together combinations of swings, snatches, cleans and presses. Every day looks different.

Tracy said...

KB's have changed my life! Kettlebell training has inspired me to "spread the word".

It is amazing what we can do with these little cannonballs, but equally amazing what they do for us!