Saturday, January 20, 2007

Five Minute snatch test

this is a minute and half segment of Tracy's first shot at the Secret Service five minute snatch test with the 12kg.She got 140 reps.


zhu666 said...

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Royce said...

Good lord, that is some serious work in five minutes.
Congrats, are you going to work up to the 10 minute test?

Tracy said...

No f*%#ing way! But I do want to keep testing the 5 min. I loved th sprint at the end, I wish I would've gotton that on video!

Royce said...

I hear you, 10 minutes of that is unbelievably hard, especially for a big fat dude like me.
But having said that, I love the idea of getting my conditioning done in 10 minutes
In fact I have 10 minuts snatch goals for the
But I have to grow MUCH MUCH stronger and leaner LOL

Sara Cheatham M.S., RKC said...

awesome! you're a machine!!!